From backlogs to innovation: accelerate your digital transformation with low-code

The digital age waits for no one, least of all IT departments bogged down in backlogs. Organizations today need a solution that not only gets them out of the fire, but also provides a new path to innovation. Low-code is that solution, and at ChangeMakers, we make this technology accessible and valuable to your business.

Maintenance of IT systems

Many IT departments spend a significant portion of their time maintaining existing systems. Here are some everyday examples that illustrate how maintenance can bond IT teams:

Regular updates and patches

Software requires constant maintenance through updates and patches to prevent security risks and compatibility issues. For example:

  • Security patches: The regular application of security updates to close vulnerabilities that may lead to data breaches or other security incidents.
  • System updates: updating systems to remain compatible with new software versions or to make performance improvements.

Maintain legacy systems

Many organizations rely on outdated systems (legacy systems) that are important to their operations. These systems require specialized knowledge to maintain and integrate with modern technologies.

  • Integration issues: Linking legacy systems to new applications or data sources often leads to complex and vulnerable integrations.
  • Knowledge gap: A shortage of personnel experienced with older technologies, leading to higher costs and longer lead times for maintenance tasks.

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Data management

Managing and securing large amounts of data is an ongoing challenge, with activities such as:

  • Backups: Making regular backups to prevent data loss. This is time and storage intensive.
  • Data quality: Keeping data files clean to ensure data quality, which requires an ongoing effort.

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Helpdesk and support

Providing end-user support and resolving technical issues can consume much of an IT department’s time and resources.

  • Ticket follow-up: Handle support tickets ranging from simple questions to complex technical issues.
  • User training: Training users on new updates or systems is essential for ensuring efficient operations.

Low-code as a strategic choice

Low-code platforms, such as Mendix, are not just an adaptation in the technological landscape. Instead, it is a strategic change in terms of IT in your organization. Our CCO, Nuhi Stenvers, also calls this embracing low-code thinking.

From theory to practice: low-code success stories

There are several cases of organizations that have transformed their business operations thanks to low-code platforms. By moving to this agile technology, they reduced their development time, accelerated time-to-market for new applications and improved internal engagement in the innovation process.

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Consider, for example, a financial services company that transformed customer service by quickly developing an application that provides real-time visibility into customer data, or a logistics company that optimized its delivery processes through a custom tracking solution.

Culture and low-code: a new way of working

The implementation of low-code goes hand in hand with a culture change within IT teams. It encourages an environment of collaboration and co-creation, where non-technical team members, such as business analysts and product managers, are directly involved in the development process. This democratizing of development stimulates innovation and accelerates decision-making. We also call this citizen development.

Safety before speed: a new level of safety

Low-code platforms are designed with built-in security measures that meet the highest standards. By using validated components and applying automatic checks, development teams can be assured of a secure application even as development speed increases.

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Low-code integration: stronger together

Low-code solutions offer powerful integration capabilities that ensure seamless integration with existing systems. They can enrich and extend existing data streams, creating a more flexible and connected IT landscape ready for future developments.

Sustainable innovation: beyond the quick fix

Low-code offers the ability to innovate quickly, but its true potential lies in its ability to support sustainable change. At ChangeMakers, we call this accelerating your IT and business. This requires a vision that looks beyond immediate solutions and focuses on long-term strategies that lead to lasting improvements and competitive advantages.

ChangeMakers: accelerators of business and IT

ChangeMakers is ready to work with you to transition to a low-code platform. Our expertise lies not only in the technology itself, but also in understanding and redesigning business processes. Are you ready to take the plunge? Get in touch and discover how our low-code solutions can transform your organization.

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