Low-code for transportation companies

In the transportation world, digitization is no longer an option, but a must. From real-time vehicle tracking and automated logistics to the use of advanced data analytics. But you would rather avoid the long development times of traditional development methods to make digitization a reality.

The solution to this? Low-code software development. Find out exactly how that works here!

The challenges in the transportation world

Transportation companies face unique challenges. You may be dealing with outdated (legacy) software. Or what about integration problems between different types of software. What about cybersecurity and the general knowledge level of your employees? The challenges of digitization are not only technological. It is also about culture, embracing newness and navigating the unknown.

But despite these challenges, digitization with low-code offers tremendous opportunities.

What is low-code and why is it relevant?

You may have heard the term “low-code” before. In essence, low-code means building applications with visual building blocks instead of complex code. Compare it to a block game; you place pieces together to create something new and relevant.
The biggest advantage? Speed and flexibility. You can launch a new app in no time without heavy IT efforts. And that could be a game-changer for your transportation company.

Why transportation companies should choose low-code

Now you may be wondering, “Why would this be relevant to my transportation company?” Imagine having an app within days that improves route optimization, or provides real-time inventory information. That’s the power of low-code. You can develop numerous low-code applications that help you gain efficiency and give you a competitive edge?

How low-code can increase your ROI

But, of course, you want investments to pay for themselves. Low-code offers not only speed, but also cost efficiency. Moreover, faster and more effective service leads to satisfied customers. And how about the ability to launch new applications at record speed?

Examples of low-code applications for carriers

In the fast-paced world of transportation, tools that are agile come in handy. Fortunately, then, low-code platforms offer solutions that fit your needs perfectly. For example, with low-code you can develop the following apps:

Route optimization app You plan routes with real-time traffic information so you always choose the most efficient route
Inventory and cargo management Track the status and location of your loads with ease and inform your customers in real-time
Maintenance and repair planning Receive notifications about your vehicles when they need maintenance or repairs
Customer Portal Give your customers the ability to track shipments, place orders and view invoices at a glance
Driver app Your drivers have access to route instructions, delivery information and can confirm deliveries with a single click
Electronic logbooks Make it easy for your drivers to keep track of their driving hours, rest breaks and other essential data
Fuel consumption analysis Self-monitor your vehicles’ fuel consumption and receive tips to improve it
Invoicing and payments Simplify your billing process and accept payments faster with integrated digital payment platforms
Feedback and complaint management Offer your customers a platform to give feedback and make sure you handle complaints efficiently
Sustainability dashboard Keep a finger on the pulse regarding your carbon footprint and make better, greener choices


Programs and services

Meet our low-code services

At ChangeMakers, we help organizations harness the power of low-code. Our services range from consulting, to the actual implementation of low code software. We offer two unique programs focused on advice, management and guidance (Changing), or actual development (Making).

App factory

Does your organization want to get the most out of digital transformations? Our DevOps teams add value at lightning speed by delivering turnkey projects that help you take the next step. We realize your projects up to 10x faster.


Interim management

We get your organization ready to embrace low-code development. We do this by leading a team, managing the required portfolio, organizing people for it and shaping platform processes.


Low-code consulting

With our independent knowledge of low-code platforms, we advise on the best solution, architecture design and integration with existing systems using ESB, messaging and HIP. But more importantly, how to bring the organization into this.


Training and coaching

It is important to embed low code expertise in your organization and live “the agile way of work.” In doing so, we provide training and certification. We coach you through the entire project and help you execute all important aspects.


Start the transformation today

The transportation sector has a lot of challenges for which digitization is the solution. At ChangeMakers, we have the expertise to partner with this digitization with low-code. We can help you by creating customized low-code solutions. But interim management, consulting or training and coaching is of course also possible.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us!

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