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Citizen Development: Build low-code success with your colleagues

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the deluge of IT requests? Are you stuck in the rut of outdated systems and solutions? Imagine your colleagues, even those without an IT background, taking control and developing applications to transform your organization. That’s Citizen Development! At ChangeMakers, we’d like to show you how this can be done.

What is Citizen Development?

With Citizen Development, colleagues with no formal IT background are transformed into true innovators. Citizen developers develop applications with technology approved by the IT department, despite their limited programming experience. It is a powerful tool that really comes into its own when you have the right tools in hand.

Why it is essential

According to Gartner, 61% of organizations have already implemented or plan to implement Citizen Development. The reasons are obvious.

  • Business needs

Are you stuck in the loop of spreadsheets and outdated databases? Then you’ll probably end up with a jumble of solutions that your IT department can’t see.

  • IT needs

The reality is that 77% of IT leaders and 71% of business leaders struggle with the constant stream of requests for new solutions. The pressure to both modernize existing infrastructure and develop new mission-critical apps is enormous.

This is where Citizen Development comes in. It can reduce frustrations, help achieve strategic goals, reduce costs, and maintain your competitive advantage. Additionally, it anchors low-code thinking in your organization.

The benefits

Citizen Development encourages collaboration between IT and the rest of your organization, leading to faster and more efficient solutions. With the right approach, Citizen Development can help to:

  • Meet the growing demand for apps
  • Address the shortage of skilled developers
  • Manage hidden IT processes
  • Increase IT and business productivity
  • Break down silos and promote cooperation between different functions

Low-Code and Citizen Development

Low-code platforms, such as Mendix, play a hugely important role in Citizen Development. These platforms make it easier to develop apps and provide built-in tools for collaboration and balance between directors and shareholders.

Training and coaching for proper implementation and management

To effectively manage and control Citizen Development within your organization, it is important to understand exactly how it works. This is how you ensure quality, safety and regulatory compliance.

At ChangeMakers, we can help you do this through our training and coaching. This way you can be sure you have successful citizen developers in your organization. Our training and coaching can range from providing the right tools and training to creating a support network within the organization.

Read tip! Citizen Development: Build low-code success with your colleagues

Citizen Development in action

Are you ready for your IT department to embrace the right technology and empower Citizen Developers to actually contribute and build apps? That means faster results with your IT team. It encourages each colleague’s contribution to the success of the organization and empowers them to create solutions that make real impact.

Are you ready for this transformation? Then contact us!

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