Low-code for public transportation

The digital revolution is playing a major role in every sector, including public transportation. As cities deal with crowded travelers, there are growing calls for technology solutions that can transform the user experience. Step into the world of low-code. The force ready to redefine public transportation. Curious? Read on and discover the possibilities.

Challenges for public transportation organizations

Transportation managers and drivers face major challenges every day. Travelers demanding real-time information, the complexity of linking systems in a constantly changing technological environment, and the pressure to remain operationally efficient and cost-effective. In such a complex landscape, you need tools that grow with your ambitions while providing flexibility.

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What is low-code?

Low-code is not just a technical term; it is the future of IT. Imagine being able to build applications quickly and efficiently without diving deep into the code. This means you have more time for strategic decisions and less worry about technical constraints. Low-code platforms provide the flexibility you need to respond to changing requirements and expectations.

Low-code and digital transformation in public transportation

In the digital age, your travelers expect a fast, digital experience. With low-code, you can provide that experience and optimize your operational processes. Whether it’s real-time updates or integrations with other city services, low-code makes it possible.

ROI of investment in low-code

If you invest in low-code, you reap the benefits of faster development times, lower IT costs and a better customer experience. But that’s not all. Problems are solved faster, teams work together more efficiently, and your organization as a whole becomes more agile.

Examples of low-code applications in public transportation

This may sound a bit abstract until now. Let’s make it more concrete using some examples of low-code applications:

Ticketing systems In addition to simple bookings, this offers direct integrations with payment systems and partners
Passenger information systems Provide real-time updates and predictive travel information directly to your travelers’ smartphones
Maintenance planning Plan maintenance based on real-time data, optimize resources and extend vehicle lifespan
Complaint Management Integrate feedback forms and ensure prompt follow-up, increasing satisfaction
Personnel Management Automate scheduling and training, and improve communication within your teams
Analytical dashboards Gain insight into peak times and passenger movements to guide decisions
Lost and found database Match lost and found reports quickly to improve customer satisfaction
Integration with city systems Connect your services seamlessly with other city services such as parking facilities and events

Getting started with low-code in OV

Are you ready to take on the transition to low-code within your transportation organization? Follow these comprehensive steps to make the journey smooth and efficient:

1. Evaluate and set goals

Analyze your current systems to identify bottlenecks. Ask yourself: where can low-code make the most difference? By setting your goals early on, you lay a strong foundation for the rest of the process.

2. Find a specialist partner

The power of low-code really comes into its own with the right expertise. A partner like ChangeMakers can help you implement targeted and effective solutions specific to public transportation challenges.

3. Start with a pilot and evaluate

Start with a small-scale project to experience the benefits and operation of low-code. After a successful pilot, evaluate the results, gather feedback and identify areas for improvement.

4. Implement and scale

With the insights from your pilot, extend the application of low-code to other parts of your organization. Optimize the process and application as needed and ensure seamless integration with existing systems.

Programs and services

Meet our low-code services

At ChangeMakers, we help organizations harness the power of low-code. Our services range from consulting, to the actual implementation of low code software. We offer two unique programs focused on advice, management and guidance (Changing), or actual development (Making).

App factory

Transform public transportation processes with customized apps. Offer travelers instant access to real-time information and integrated services. Does your organization want to get the most out of digital transformations? Our DevOps teams add value at lightning speed by delivering turnkey projects that help you take the next step. We realize your projects up to 10x faster.



Interim management

Change your operational strategies with the help of our specialized guidance. Ensure a smooth transition to a technology-driven transportation model. We get your organization ready to embrace low-code development. We do this by leading a team, managing the required portfolio, organizing people for it and shaping platform processes.


Low-code consulting

Let your transportation organization take advantage of the latest technological capabilities. Our team provides expert advice on which low-code solutions best fit your specific needs. With our independent knowledge of low-code platforms, we advise not only on the best solution but also on the design of the architecture and integration with existing systems. And especially how to bring the organization into this.


Training and coaching

Provide your staff with the essential skills needed in an ever-changing digital environment. In doing so, you ensure more efficient operations and a better experience for travelers and employees alike. It is important to embed low code expertise in your organization and work agile. We provide training and certification and coach you through the entire project and help you execute all important aspects.


Are you ready for the next step?

Join the digital transformation. Discover how low-code can be the key to your success in public transportation. It’s not just about adopting technology, but choosing the right technology that moves your business forward. ChangeMakers helps you do just that.

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