wat is digitale transformatie

What is digital transformation?

Digital progress is moving faster than ever. For organizations, this means two things: adapt or get left behind. Where do you take the first step and how do you make sure you implement the right technologies without losing your way? Let’s get back to basics.What exactly does digital transformation mean and why should your organization jump on this train? Here you will discover.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation, also called digital transition, is more than just “digitizing. If we dissect the term “digital transformation,” we see two distinct components recurring. It’s about technology, and about a transformation. Digital transformation may sound like a big and vague concept, but it is actually very concrete:

Digital transformation is a fundamental change in how organizations use technology, people and processes to improve business performance and create new value for customers.

So this is about a change. It is not only about introducing new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence or Big Data, but also revising your business strategies and processes.

Getting better and faster

If you notice at work that the old way of doing things is no longer adequate and your colleagues keep talking about “innovation,” you are already in the midst of transformation. As a company, it’s about making smart use of technology to become better and faster at what you do. This can be as simple as switching to a digital billing system that helps you reduce paperwork and avoid errors. Or to name another example, think of the baker on the corner who now takes orders through an app, allowing him to better manage his inventory and help customers faster – that’s digital transformation in action.

So, if you’re wondering if this is for your business, think about the little frustrations that technology can solve and make work easier.

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Three components within digital transformation

So digital transformation is not just about implementing technology; it is a reinvention of how your organization delivers value. There are three elements central to digital transformation:

Digital transformation - what exactly is it?

Digital transformation helps your organization gain momentum, provided you get it right.

The role of technology (1)

Choosing the right technology for your business involves more than just chasing the latest trends. It’s about finding technology that really fits your business goals. Imagine your daily work suddenly running a lot smoother because you have a system that intelligently manages customer data and provides timely insights.

This is what we mean by goingdigital first: applying technology that supports and improves your work processes, not just because it’s new, but because it helps you do your job better. That’s exactly what we do at ChangeMakers; low-code technology is a powerful tool because of its agile nature.

It’s about people (2)

Digital change is not just about the systems and processes; it is the people who make the difference. Think about the new software being introduced at work. It’s not enough to learn how it works; it’s about understanding how it can make your job easier. Training and getting your team involved is essential. This is the time to be open to questions and work together to ensure a smooth transition. It is about a new way of working that involves and benefits everyone.

Continuous review of processes (3)

Setting up a good digital transformation strategy is like planning a major project. You know where you want to go, but the path to it may change along the way. It starts with setting clear goals and mapping out how you want to get there. But don’t be surprised if you have to adjust your plans along the way. The market and technologies evolve rapidly, and what seems like the right approach today may be obsolete tomorrow. So it is important to be flexible and have the willingness to revise processes as needed. With a clear vision and a team willing to adapt, you can meet the challenges of digital transformation.

The true power of digital transformation

The real value of digital transformation lies in the ability to keep up with the times and even stay one step ahead. It is no longer enough to simply react to the market; you have to be ahead of it. This means staying alert to what’s happening in your industry and adapting quickly to what your customers need. Here’s how a smart digital approach can help you:

  • Strengthen Customer Focus
    Customers today not only expect fast service, they want you to be ahead of their needs. Digital transformation will give you the tools to understand and anticipate your customers’ needs, which will only strengthen their loyalty to your brand
  • Taking efficiency to the next level
    Digitizing your processes does more than just reduce the margin of error; it gives your (dev-ops) team room to focus on what really matters. Spending less time on repetitive tasks means more time for innovation and personal service. This allows your business to adapt quickly and remain efficient even as the market changes.
  • Innovation as standard
    Data is the new gold, especially when it comes to improving your products and services. Digital transformation allows you to use the wealth of information you already have to lead in innovation. It’s a continuous cycle of learning and improvement, keeping you always relevant in your industry.

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What are the challenges?

Every company that moves toward digital transformation encounters obstacles. We talked above about the three elements that make up this digital transition (technology, people and processes). Let’s name a challenge for each of these components:

Not using technology correctly

Choosing the right technology is not easy. Sometimes the hype surrounding a new tool leads to rapid adoption without careful consideration of whether it really contributes to business goals. Think of companies using ChatGPT, and gradually finding out that there are privacy implications surrounding the use of these types of tools. Or what about a CRM system so sophisticated that no one understands it?

The challenge is to find technology that is not just new and shiny, but that really adds value to your daily work and helps you be more efficient and effective.

Putting people first

Implementing new technology is one thing, but making sure your team will actually use it is quite another. Resistance to change can run deep. Training and workshops can help, but sometimes it’s just as important to simply listen to your employees’ concerns.

It’s about creating an environment where people feel comfortable with the new tools and processes, and actually see them as something that makes their work better, not more complicated.

Continue to adapt and innovate processes

Strategy is only as good as your ability to adapt it to the changing world. What if you find that the market shifts or a new technology emerges that turns everything you have planned upside down? Flexibility is essential. Continually reviewing processes can be time-consuming, and sometimes it’s hard to part with old methods that feel comfortable.

It is important to strike a balance between improving processes and not losing your core values and goals.

ChangeMakers: accelerators of business & IT

At ChangeMakers, we know the ins and outs of digital transformation. We are the architects who guide your organization through the digital landscape, with low-code solutions that bring speed and flexibility. Whether developing apps that improve your customer service or providing strategic consulting that streamlines your business processes, we guarantee a transition that is as seamless as it is effective. We are here to make sure your digital transformation journey is smooth and successful.


Remember well, digital transformation is not a finish line to cross; it is more like a marathon with no end in sight. And with the right mindset, tools and partners, your organization can excel in the digital age. Are you about to take the digital leap or want to pick up the pace of your current transformation? ChangeMakers is your partner every step of the way. Please contact us to discuss your options.

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