wat is digitale transformatie

What is digital transformation?

Digital progress is moving faster than ever. For organizations, this means adapt or fall behind. This idea can be daunting and overwhelming. After all, where do you start and how do you implement the latest technologies without getting lost in the process? But let’s start at the beginning. For what exactly is digital transformation and why should you participate in it as an organization? You can read about that here.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is more than just “digitizing.

Digital transformation is a fundamental change in how organizations use technology, people and processes to improve business performance and create new value for customers.

This means not only introducing new technologies such as Artificial Inteligence or Big Data, but also rearranging your business strategies and processes. To add more value for your customer while working more efficiently and innovatively. That is the power of digital transformation.

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The core of digital transformation

So digital transformation is not just about implementing technology; it is a reinvention of how your organization delivers value. There are three elements central to digital transformation:

  • Technology: It’s not just about the latest and greatest, but technologies that serve your specific needs and help your organization adapt to a changing world.
  • People: Technology is only as powerful as the people who use it. This means not only training your team to use new tools, but also involving them in the strategic decision-making behind the choice of these tools.
  • Processes: Business processes must be reviewed and redesigned to take full advantage of digital tools while adding value to customers.

The true value of digital transformation

In a world where digital transformation is unthinkable and your customers also expect new and different things all the time, standing still is actually going backwards. Digital transformation ensures that you stay proactive, respond to trends and, above all, stay relevant in a saturated market. So by embracing digital tools and strategies, you can:

  • Being customer-centric: In a world where customer expectations are constantly changing, digital transformation gives you the tools to respond quickly and even anticipate their needs. This is how you increase loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Increase efficiency and flexibility: Automating processes reduces human error, accelerates productivity and enables your organization to be more flexible in a rapidly changing marketplace. In addition, this way you reduce costs and increase efficiency.
  • Improve innovation: By using new data and insights, your organization can develop products and services that help you stay innovative in your industry.

Navigating through challenges

As with any journey, digital transformation has its challenges. Silos in organizations, resistance to change, and the overwhelming speed of technological innovation can be stumbling blocks. But, with a clear vision, the right partners and an engaged team, you can overcome these obstacles.

ChangeMakers: your digital guide

At ChangeMakers, we know the ins and outs of digital transformation. With our expertise in low-code, we can help your organization adapt quickly and effectively to new challenges and opportunities. From app development to strategic consulting and training, we’re here to make sure your digital transformation journey is smooth and successful.


Digital transformation is not a final destination, but an ongoing journey. And with the right mindset, tools and partners, your organization can excel in the digital age. Are you ready to start or accelerate your digital transformation? ChangeMakers is ready to guide you! Please contact us to discuss your options.

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