About us

We are ChangeMakers

We are a close-knit team of experienced professionals who work quickly and efficiently to deploy new ways of working and the latest low-code software technology for our clients. We have the knowledge and expertise to accelerate your IT. Get to know us!

What we do

Low code software consulting & development 

ChangeMakers is an organization that specializes in consulting and realizing low-code software development.

We have broad and deep knowledge about low-code platforms. This enables us to add value to information-rich business processes very quickly, agile and in a step-by-step approach.

Based on the situation within your organization, we provide advice on which application can provide the required added value for you.

Among other things, we work with Mendix, an originally Dutch software platform that enables rapid application development – which works up to 10x faster than with Java, for example.

The main feature of our projects is – liberating energy in your organization!

Nuhi Stenvers, COO and founder, ChangeMaker

“Software is eating the world”, so you must be able to make your own. Or have it professionally made. Implementing standard software will not cut it. Make your digital transformation happen by building low-code applications with us! Mendix is the best partner for us to do so.

Nuhi Stenvers Changemaker

We work smart and we work fast. We use new ways of working and the latest technology to accelerate IT for our clients. We do this in a work process in which we work intensively with our clients.

We help you advise, implement and combine agile, low-code software development. With our way of working, we are able to add value very quickly, agile and incrementally.

Our team consists of the right mix of
. Where our Changers take an advisory role, our Makers know how to create a 100% fit IT solution.

How we work

We work smart and we work fast

Years of experience

+ completed projects

x faster software development

% specialist in low-code

What we believe in

Creating impact on your business processes

We believe that our world is a fast-paced one. A flexible world. In which we must embrace new technology to remain competitive. A world with ever-changing values and norms. With new ways of working. An agile world. And in that world, the next revolution is taking place.

In our view, the breakneck speed at which developments around AI, Big Data, IoT and 5G are thundering forward is creating a “perfect storm” and driving new technology into every corner of society. With a revolutionary impact on any organization.

From the data streams generated by these new technologies, information must be distilled and actions defined and initiated. To create impact in your business process.

Our people

Meet our executive team

Nuhi Stenvers Changemaker

Nuhi Stenvers


Nuhi is a mature manager and strategic consultant at the intersection of business and IT, specializing in the introduction of low-code platforms into organizations.

Nuhi acts very decisively and quickly finds creative solutions and improvements. He does this in a results-oriented manner.

In his spare time, he studies a lot, rides motorcycles and enjoys traveling.

Joes van Dijk portrait photo ChangeMakers

Joes van Dijk


Joes is an inspiring all-around HR manager.

His commitment is typified by the fact that all employees work visibly with pleasure and purpose toward our shared ambitions.

This is a role in which he comes into his own fully.

In his free time, Joes enjoys sports. For example, he runs hard, gardens a lot and loves barbecuing.

Aldin Fajić

CTO Adria

With more than 10 years of experience in developing, implementing and optimizing manufacturing processes, Aldin has helped companies successfully define and roll out their digital transformation strategy.

He is known for creating innovative solutions to challenges facing industries today. As a result, he has successfully built and implemented several software solutions.

Martin van den Berge Changemaker

Martin van den Berge


Martin is an experienced entrepreneur, skilled manager and strategic advisor at the intersection of business and IT.

He gets energy from building and restructuring organizations and accelerating development through an Agile way of working.

His free time is spent mostly on motorsports and his family.


Sibel Köklü

Country lead Turkey

Sibel is an IT entrepreneur and management consultant with a specialization in Change Management, Leadership and Learning and Development and is currently pursuing an Executive MBA.

Sibel gets energy from building a team, collaborating with clients and is results-oriented and optimistic. She considers herself lucky to have her family supporting her passion and following her around the world.

Ronald van Puijenbroek - Changemaker

Ronald van Puijenbroek


Ronald is an architect with extensive experience at the intersection of business and IT in various domains.

He works deliberately and thoughtfully, with quality first.

In his free time, Ronald enjoys creating interior design solutions, listening to music and riding motorcycles. His family also gets a lot of attention, of course.

kemal changemakers

Kemal Hadzic

Country lead Adria

Kemal has more than 25 years of experience in management consulting for global multinationals from various industries, with expertise in growth and customer-focused strategies.

He has a proven track record of increasing sales, profits and performance in competitive markets. Kemal is a member of BHAAAS and the council of Alma Ras, and holds an MSc in Computer Science.

Core values


We nurture talent

We understand that change and failure are part of growing. We therefore look not only at the sum of what you do as an individual, but also at your potential. We nurture an environment where people can flourish and each comes into their own.


We hear every voice

With us, the best ideas win. Each has a different background, perspective and skills. With us, inflated egos don’t last. Curiosity, on the other hand, does! We firmly believe that we can do more together than alone.

We take responsibility

To create value for our clients, we focus on results. Initiative to get there is essential. Is there something that needs to be done? Then we do. It’s my job, it’s your job, it’s our job. Together we will get it done!

We put the client first

Always we act in the best interest of our clients. We strive to gain their trust and loyalty. We act as a partner by helping them achieve success. Often it goes beyond what they originally thought possible and that’s what makes it so beautiful.

We think big

At ChangeMakers, we go for big impact. We are ambitious and strive to create a meaningful and lasting impact on the world around us. We do not compromise long-term value over short-term gain. In this way, we continue to think and act big.

We stand for innovation

We dare to innovate. We ask the question “what if…?” and work on innovative solutions. We are not bound by conventions, quite the contrary. We disrupt, we dare and we are not afraid. We want to be what happens next.

For a better world

Our ESG policy

We strive to make the world a better place, which is why we pay attention to ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance). We want to make sure that the way we work does not harm the earth, that we treat everyone well and that we do things the right way. One way we do this is our profit arrangement with staff. Together with our ChangeMakers, we determine where 10% of the profits go. This could be a charity, a sustainable program or a partner project.

Join our team

Become a ChangeMaker

Let’s work together and make Change! We are always looking for talented people to join our growing team of Changers, Makers & supporters.

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Are you interested in what ChangeMakers has to offer? Want to partner with us or learn more about our services and programs? If so, please feel free to contact us.
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