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Is your organization ready for the future? At ChangeMakers, we understand the importance of optimizing IT processes and bringing IT production closer to your business operations. Our expertise in using the Mendix low-code platform allows us to provide customized and fast solutions that fit your specific needs. Find out how we can help your organization become future-proof with Mendix!
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The platform

About Mendix

Mendix was founded in 2005 in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. It is a leading low-code software platform that enables organizations to quickly and flexibly innovate and achieve digital transformation.

Whether you want to build and optimize large-scale mobile applications or Web applications, Mendix offers the solution. And the great thing is: you don’t need extensive technical knowledge to do this. The model-driven, drag-and-drop interface lets you create the most beautiful applications in a user-friendly and accessible way. Discover for yourself why Mendix is the choice of ChangeMakers and choose an unprecedented level of efficiency and flexibility!

50+ million end users

250,000+ applications built

300,000+ developers use Mendix

don’t be left behind

Why is digital transformation important?

If your organization wants to remain competitive in today’s market, digital transformation is an absolute must. Mendix helps organizations develop digital solutions through low-code software, reducing the time-to-market of new applications and increasing organizational agility.

The benefits of Mendix

Visual modeling provides overview

With its convenient drag-and-drop functionality and intuitive visual user interface, you can develop all kinds of applications as a low-code developer. That way you can immediately see how the app will work and look as you build it. Moreover, you can launch the application at the touch of a button.

Scalable environment provides flexibility

Mendix offers immense flexibility, support for continuous delivery, and run-time and dev-time scalability on demand. You can implement new apps and quickly extend existing apps to your customer’s requirements and (developing) organizational needs. The Mendix Microservices contribute greatly to this.

Components are reusable

Another great advantage is its suitability for reusable components. Think pre-built modules, logic, templates, connectors and more apps that work on different platforms. An experienced developer can also modify and extend the components.

Collaboration is easier than ever

Built-in tools allow you to develop tools for feedback loops, revision tracking, user stories, messaging and more. The visual nature ensures that everyone speaks the same development language.

Data integration provides convenience

With Mendix, you can also securely integrate data and logic from any source, system or service – including from your core systems. You also build apps using preconfigured APIs and connectors. But you can also, if you have a little more experience of course, build a custom integration.

Application lifecycle management

Mendix supports Agile development techniques and DevOps tools. With it, it supports all phases of the app development lifecycle with tools for streamlining project management, requirements management, versioning, testing, deployment and more.

Our experience and expertise

Why choose ChangeMakers?

We have years of Mendix experience and expertise in helping organizations achieve digital transformation. In addition, all of our low-code consultants are Mendix certified. We are a team of experienced professionals who know how to use Mendix to add value to organizational processes.

With Mendix, we have already realized many successful projects for ProRail and University of Twente, among others.

By partnering with ChangeMakers, your organization can reap benefits such as speed and results orientation. We work step by step and focus on adding value to organizational processes. This means we get results quickly and enable organizations to innovate faster and better.

Whether you need a complete low-code journey with low-code application development, interim management, low-code consulting or training and coaching. With us, it’s all possible.

Read more if you are eager to become a Mendix developer!

Our low-code services

App factory

Does your organization want to get the most out of digital transformations? Our DevOps teams add value at lightning speed by delivering turnkey projects that help you take the next step. We realize your projects up to 10x faster.


Interim management

We get your organization ready to embrace low-code development. We do this by leading a team, managing the required portfolio, organizing people for it and shaping platform processes.


Low-code consulting

With our independent knowledge of low-code platforms, we advise on the best solution, architecture design and integration with existing systems using ESB, messaging and HIP. But more importantly, how to bring the organization into this.


Training and coaching

It is important to embed low code expertise in your organization and live “the agile way of work.” In doing so, we provide training and certification. We coach you through the entire project and help you execute all important aspects.


Our areas of expertise

We help develop web and app solutions with our low-code software. Our clients we can build powerful digital solutions faster, more efficiently and more cheaply.
Our UX & Design experts support organizations in creating intuitive and attractive interfaces. These implement via low-code quickly and easily into your IT ecosystem.
We help companies integrate different systems and applications with each other so that information can flow seamlessly. Using low-code, these integrations can be built and maintained quickly and easily.
We help companies digitize their processes and workflows to increase efficiency and productivity. Using low-code, this can be accomplished quickly and flexibly.
Our experts in Data & AI help organizations harness the power of data and AI to gain valuable insights and make better decisions.
We help companies upgrade and modernize their existing IT systems and processes. Our low-code applications make it possible to quickly replace legacy systems with modern, scalable and flexible solutions.
ChangeMakers offers specific services for Mendix development on the SAP platform. This allows organizations to quickly and flexibly build applications that integrate seamlessly with an existing SAP environment.
Our digital innovation experts support companies in identifying and implementing new digital innovations to strengthen their competitive position.

We offer specific services for the management and review of Mendix applications. This includes monitoring performance, securing the applications and performing regular audits to ensure they remain up-to-date.

For whom

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