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Stay ahead with low-code and Mendix microservices

Organizations want and need to digitize continuously. A system refresh here, a new link there. There’s a lot involved and it takes a lot of time, and money. But you can’t escape it if you want to stay ahead of your competition. Have you considered how low-code platforms like Mendix can make things easier for you and how microservices can take you one step further? In this blog, we’ll tell you more about this.

What is driving the future of software development?

As an organization, fast, flexible and scalable systems are key to growth and innovation. These systems must be developed, and that is often where things get tricky. Because building new systems takes an enormous amount of time, money and manpower.
But imagine a world where creating software is as easy as building with LEGO bricks. That’s where we’re headed, and faster than you think.

So with low-code, you can build applications relatively easily. This ensures flexibility and efficiency. This is because it allows you to develop software up to 10 times faster than using a traditional development method such as Java.

Why is Mendix the forerunner in the low-code space?

Mendix is one of the largest low-code platforms. But why is Mendix the choice when it comes to low-code, and are we also a big proponent? Since 2005, Mendix has proven itself a pioneer, constantly innovating and adapting to changing technologies. Mendix provides seamless integrations, scalability and helps accelerate your business and IT.

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Even leading market research firms such as Gartner endorse Mendix’s important role. The low-code platform makes building apps child’s play, without having to know every detail of the code. This allows you to create powerful software without diving deep into the code.

Mendix Microservices unraveled

Mendix works with Mendix Microservices. These are small, independent services that make up a larger software whole. Each of these services does one thing and does it well. Imagine an orchestra: each instrument (microservice) plays its own part, but together they create harmony (your software solution).

Mendix makes integrating these microservices easy. So instead of struggling with how each instrument plays its part, Mendix provides a conductor who makes sure everything works smoothly and in harmony.

For organizations, this means unprecedented scalability and flexibility. Do you need to update some of your software? Then you “just update” the microservice in question without disrupting everything else. This translates into faster updates, less downtime and – ultimately – happier customers.

Are you prepared for the future?

The combination of Mendix and Microservices allows your organization to adapt quickly. Want to deploy Mendix for your organization? We can help you! With our App Factory, we create a complete application for you in no time. Or would you prefer low-code consulting or training? That, too, is possible. We can even have a professional join you as an interim manager to make sure your organization is completely up-to-speed with Mendix and its Microservices.

With Mendix Microservices, you move with the future

With low-code Mendix Microservices, you will accelerate your business and IT. Are you ready? If you are wondering how to integrate these technologies into your strategies, now is the time to act. Contact us to discuss options for your organization!

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