Mobile low-code application

Want to develop a user-friendly, efficient and customizable mobile application? But are you afraid of facing technical limitations and obstacles when developing a new mobile app? Then low-code is the solution! With a low-code mobile application, you quickly develop an application that meets 100% of your needs.

Definition and explanation

Low-code: the improvement for your mobile applications

You may already be familiar with low-code: a progressive method of building applications quickly and flexibly. So with low-code, you can build mobile applications in addition to CRM, HRM or ERP systems. With this, you provide a mobile application that you develop quickly and efficiently and then also easily adapt and improve as needed.

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Is it for you?

The benefits of mobile low-code applications

By using low-code for your mobile application development, you are assured of a lot of possibilities:

  • Cross-platform compatibility: With many low-code platforms, you only need to develop an application once and then deploy it on multiple platforms, such as iOS and Android. This means less effort, lower costs and an equal experience across devices.
  • Rapid prototyping: With low-code mobile applications, you ensure rapid feedback and thus a better-tuned end product. In fact, developers can very quickly create mobile app prototypes and share them with stakeholders. Thus, you are also more likely to receive feedback.
  • Integration with mobile features: Low-code platforms offer pre-built integrations for features such as GPS, camera, push notifications, making it easier to implement advanced features without in-depth technical knowledge.
  • User-friendly UI/UX templates: Low-code lets you use designed templates for user interfaces that are specially optimized for mobile devices. This way you reduce design time and ensure an attractive and consistent user experience.
  • Easy maintenance and updates: Maintaining and updating mobile apps is easier and faster with low-code platforms. In fact, most changes can be made without extensive manual coding.
  • Accessibility to non-technical users: Because low-code requires less technical expertise than traditional development methods, non-technical team members such as business analysts or product managers can play an active role in the development process. We call this citizen development. By allowing your employees, internally, to work on application development themselves, the application can be better tailored to business needs.
  • Scalability: Low-code platforms are hugely scalable, allowing you to easily scale up to meet increasing demand without additional development work.

The great thing is: all these features are available without the need for in-depth programming knowledge.

ChangeMakers: your partner in digital transformation

At ChangeMakers, we are experts in low-code. We can develop a low-code mobile application for you or guide or train you during development. We are happy to help you with any of our services:

App Factory

With our App Factory, our DevOps teams can build you a custom low-code mobile app up to 10 times faster than using traditional programming languages.

Interim Management

Want to fully integrate low-code into your organization? Then we are ready to guide your team with our experienced interim management. For your specific HR needs, we are happy to give you personal and expert advice on the most effective low-code solutions.


For your specific app requirements, we are happy to offer professional and personal advice on the most effective low-code strategies.

Training and Coaching

We make sure your team masters low-code techniques so that you maintain full control of your low-code mobile applications.

Are you ready for Change?

Go for powerful mobile apps with low-code

By building a low-code mobile application, you can be sure that you have in your hands an application that works on any mobile operating system and easily integrates with other mobile features such as the camera or GPS. Moreover, it is easily customizable at any time and you can develop it to perfectly fit your business needs, with fewer errors and more flexibility. At ChangeMakers, we have the knowledge and experience to make this happen.

Are you ready to take your mobile application development to the next level? Please contact us for a free consultation.

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