Faster and easier software creation these days is done with low-code. Are you already familiar with this form of software development? What exactly is low code, what are the benefits, who can use it and what does the future of low code look like? As specialists in low-code, we’ll tell you all about it.

What is low-code?

Low-code is a form of sustainable software development that is becoming increasingly popular. It is a lightning-fast technique for application development. Instead of a textual and technical coding environment, low-code operates in a model-driven, drag-and-drop interface. A good example is the Mendix low code platform.

But what does this mean for your business? Simply put: less coding means faster delivery. Moreover, it promotes agile working.

Did you know. For example, research and consulting firm Gartner predicts that by 2025, 70% of apps will be built using no-code/low-code technology.

low-code is for everyone

Wondering who can use low-code within your organization? Low-code is not just for programmers and software developers. It is accessible and useful for different roles within an organization.

IT developers: IT developers use low-code platforms to develop applications, modernize systems or implement new features. The advantage? They need to spend less time writing routine code and can concentrate on more complex tasks.

Business analysts: These are the people who know the ropes of the business but may not be as technically savvy. With low-code, they can build prototypes, automate workflows or develop simple applications to solve specific business problems.

Product managers: Product managers can use low-code to quickly test new product ideas. They can build a minimum viable product (MVP) – a simple version of a product with enough features to attract customers and gather feedback – to validate their ideas.

Non-technical employees (citizen developers): Even your employees who do not have a technical background can use low-code tools to build simple applications or automate processes. This can reduce the pressure on your IT department and improve the efficiency of the entire company. Have you thought about the possibilities this could open up?

This is how you become a low-code developer, Mendix developer or low-code consultant!

The benefits of low-code

Why should your organization consider low-code? The benefits are many. Low-code platforms accelerate software development, improve your organization’s agility and make it easier to adapt to changing business needs. Have you ever wished you could build an application in weeks instead of months? That’s the power of low-code.

Visual modeling

Low-code includes convenient drag-and-drop functionality and an intuitive visual user interface.

Reusable components

It includes pre-made modules, logic, templates, connectors and more apps that work on different platforms.

Scalable environments

Low-code offers a lot of flexibility. But also provides support for continuous delivery, and run-time and dev-time scalability on demand.

Tools for collaboration

The visual nature of low-code makes it easy to collaborate with different tools.

Data integration provides convenience

You can also securely integrate data and logic from any source, system or service – including from your existing, legacy systems.

Application lifecycle management

Low-code promotes agile working and supports all phases of the development cycle of application development.

What can you do with low-code?

Low-code, then, is a new way of developing software that allows you to build apps and websites without too much technical knowledge. There are endless possibilities. Build low-code applications such as HRM systems with all the functionality your organization needs. Or choose billing software that completely meets your needs. You also solve problems such as too little IT capacity, working with multiple IT vendors, End of Life applications or when your IT department does not sufficiently understand organizational needs.

Check out some examples of possible low-code applications here

Benefits for all stakeholders

For the IT department

  • Development speed thanks to configuration, visual design, drag and drop, and the use of graphics and project templates and plugins;
  • Standard application quality thanks to the absence of human error by eliminating manual programming;
  • Reduced application maintenance time due to continuous platform updates from vendors;
  • The ability to develop without technical skills because the simplicity of low-code is beyond question;
  • The ability to model a program once and release it for multiple systems.


For managers

    • Better involvement of developers in application development, thanks to the simplicity of the approach and the speed that enables changes in real time;
    • More control and better management of activities thanks to digital tracking and analysis through applications;
    • Shorter time-to-market thanks to reduced application release time;
    • The ability to quickly create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and scale the application based on market and user feedback;
    • The ability to use more detailed analysis to make better decisions.

For the whole company

    • Reduced costs for application development, maintenance and updating;
    • Shorter payback period for spending on applications;
    • More automation and innovation: thanks to applications that enable renewal of processes, procedures and information systems;
    • Increased productivity through applications that simplify and accelerate staff activities;
    • Reduced risks arising from applications created by non-specialist personnel (such as spreadsheet-based applications);
    • Continuous innovation thanks to the simplicity of changing and updating software systems.

For the staff

  • Digitization of processes thanks to the large number of applications available;
  • Process automation thanks to the development of more complex and intelligent software systems;
  • Time savings in data entry due to increased and improved system integration;
  • Increased access to data and information: thanks to the creation of customized data extraction and analysis applications adapted to business needs;
  • The perfect alignment and cooperation of applications thanks to customization;
  • Always new applications that meet the latest standards, both in terms of functionality and user experience.


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The future of low code is great


If you are already using low-code, you can discover its benefits and look ahead to the many innovations and trends to come. Our enthusiastic international team naturally follows these innovations closely and are working on them daily. There are already many companies and organizations using low code. Our expectation? This will only increase in the future!

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We get your organization ready to embrace low-code development. We do this by leading a team, managing the required portfolio, organizing people for it and shaping platform processes.


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If you are not sure how to implement low-code in your organization, or if you need help choosing the right low-code platform, we are here to guide you.


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It is important to embed low code expertise in your organization and live “the agile way of work.” In doing so, we provide training and certification. We coach you through the entire project and help you execute all important aspects.


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