Low-code consultant – what do you do?

Today’s rapidly changing digital world requires ever new knowledge. This development also involves new roles and jobs all the time. So does the low-code consultant. As a low-code consultant, you are an important link in the digital transformation of organizations. But what does a low-code consultant do and why is this role so important? We’ll tell you all about it.

What is a low-code consultant?

As a low-code consultant, you will provide professional and expert advice to a company or individual on low-code solutions, such as the Mendix low-code platform. Combining your technical and organizational knowledge, you know exactly how to harness the realization power of low-code in organizations. Among other things, you will advise IT teams on getting business-specific applications developed to meet the needs of the organization. For example, you advise on how a low-code application can ensure that different systems within a company work together seamlessly. In short, you help accelerate an organization’s digital transformation.

Tip: Read what exactly low-code is here.

What do you need to become a consultant?

Do you want to become a low-code consultant? To get started, it is advisable to take a low-code training or course. Indeed, that is the absolute basis for understanding low-code. We talked earlier about how your organizational skills are also important. Therefore, it is good to first gain experience with low-code and working within organizations. That way you can

Did you know you can also become a low-code consultant with us?

What skills should you have?

There are obviously a skillset important that you want to have in your grasp as a consultant. We name a few.

  • Trendwatching

As we mentioned at the beginning of this blog, today’s digital world is changing at lightning speed. So as a low code consultant, it is also important that you stay up-to-date on the latest low code technologies and developments. By following these developments, you are seen as an authority in the field. You then also know how to convey this knowledge clearly and understandably, and can explain to the client exactly how an organization or department will benefit.

  • Affinity for low-code

In addition to this, affinity with low-code is of course also important. Of course, you don’t always have to create the low-code applications yourself, but expertise is important to be able to give sound advice.

  • Business knowledge

Business knowledge is also important. It is important to understand how a business works and is put together, so you know what software and system solutions can help optimize business processes.

  • Social skills

Social skills are also important here, of course. As a consultant, you have a lot of daily contact with different people, all of whom you must be able to communicate well with.

  • Collaborate

In addition, you must be able to work well with various stakeholders, including product owners, IT managers, developers, designers, UX experts, and so on.

Where can you go to work?

Indeed, low-code consultants, like low-code developers, work primarily for companies that benefit from the simplicity and flexibility that low-code development brings. This allows you to work in different types of organizations, such as multinationals, startups and government agencies. Your work environment can therefore be very diverse: from a large office building to a co-working space or even abroad. What’s important is that you know the right low-code tools and technologies to help companies with their digital transformation. At ChangeMakers, we distinguish two main target groups within our programs:

Consultancy for public organizations

Public organizations are all governmental and semi-governmental organizations. Consider, for example, the tax authorities and municipalities. Different systems and software are often used within these organizations. To function properly, these systems and software are critical. After all, the government has obligations toward its citizens! The complexity within government organizations often causes processes to “bog down. That’s what low-code consultants can then advise in!

Consultancy for larger SME organizations

These organizations also often face a complex IT infrastructure. All internal and external processes and departments must be aligned and work together. Only then can work be done efficiently. As a low-code consultant, you can advise well on this.

Become a low-code consultant at ChangeMakers?

A low code consultant knows how to get the most out of your organizational processes. ChangeMakers has in-house low-code consultants who use their technical and business knowledge to help your organization adopt low-code software. So would you like to work as a low code consultant? At ChangeMakers, we work daily on sustainable projects with social impact, and we are always looking for new ChangeMakers. Want to know more? Learn more about us or contact us.

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