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Low-code apps development with AI

In today’s time when Artificial Intelligence (AI) is, more than ever, a hot topic, it is important to remain critical. How can AI tools help us develop apps without taking over the essential human touch? In this blog, we dive into the world of AI in low-code application development and discover how this technology can simplify your work. What is very important to us in this: your creativity and insight continue to lead the way.

Integrating AI into low-code platforms such as Mendix

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into low-code platforms is an important development in the world of software development. This integration makes it possible to simplify complex tasks and increase the efficiency of the development process. AI here has the role of an intelligent assistant. It helps low-code developers in designing and optimizing applications with advanced techniques such as machine learning (ML) and contextual analysis. This has several advantages, including:

  • Focused decision support;
  • Automating repetitive tasks;
  • Increase the overall quality of developed applications.

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Examples of AI in app development

Looking at a low-code platform like Mendix, we see three features that help developers get to a good result faster:

Next best action suggestion
This feature is a showpiece of AI in low-code platforms. It analyzes more than 50 action options and selects the five best, based on the current state of application development. Suppose you are working on a logistics app and are faced with a choice in user interface design. The AI tool provides you with the five most logical next steps, taking into account your previous choices and the unique needs of your project.

Another feature, auto-configuration, makes the development process much easier. How? By automatically populating parameters for certain actions. This allows developers to focus more on complex and creative aspects of app development. Consider the automatic completion of user interface elements based on the functions selected. This allows you to save time and focus on refining the user experience.

Contextual Suggestions
Finally, Contextual Suggestions offer insights by looking at the context in which a new element or action is introduced. This involves looking “left and right,” so to speak. This helps build logics that are technically strong and fit the needs you have. Imagine adding a complex date selection function. As an option, the tool immediately displays the most efficient way to integrate it with other parts of your app.

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The human factor remains irreplaceable

The above features offer a host of advantages. You can certainly call the development impressive. However, the role of the developer is still really indispensable, in our opinion. Your ability to understand complex user needs and provide creative solutions remains important.

AI can do a lot, but understanding the subtle nuances in user feedback or navigating unexpected turns in a project requires human insight. Do you need help with this? We offer low-code coaching and interim management as a service.

Finding the balance: Integrating AI smartly

How do you make sure AI supports your development process without dominating?

  • Start with clear goals: what do you want to achieve with AI in your project? Use AI as a tool, but keep making the decisions yourself;
  • Also involve your team in learning how to work with these new tools. This ensures a balanced integration of AI, where human creativity and technology complement each other.

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The future of AI in low-code development

The future looks promising. AI continues to evolve, allowing developers to work even more efficiently and effectively. But let’s not forget one thing: people’s creativity and problem-solving abilities are always at the heart of developing innovative applications.


Anyone can build an app with Mendix, but consistently delivering strategic value? That requires a deeper understanding. Many organizations face challenges in developing the organizational change capabilities that are truly essential in the digital age.

We provide sustainable, scalable solutions to meet these challenges. From strategy consulting to implementing low-code platforms and deploying AI, we accelerate your digital transformation and make your business agile and future-proof. Want to know more? Contact us.

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