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At ChangeMakers, we accelerate IT in innovative ways. We do this by using new ways of working, employing the latest technology in application development and application integrations. Do you want to work at ChangeMakers? We have several low-code job openings. Learn more about how you can develop your future with us!

Accelerate your future and become a ChangeMaker too!

At ChangeMakers, we believe it is important to make a positive contribution to our environment. To make this possible, sustainability, social impact and meaning are incredibly important. And if work is important then, it better be fun. Because if it’s fun, chances are we’re good at it. And when we’re good at it, we make for happy customers. And that’s what we do it for.

Why choose ChangeMakers?

Innovative projects with impact

At ChangeMakers, we are committed to making the world a better place. For our customers, we make a difference with innovative IT solutions such as low-code. We prefer to work on projects with a social or sustainable impact!

Plenty of room for development

All of our ChangeMakers are given the opportunity for self-development. We offer training and education opportunities so you can always get the best out of yourself.

Close-knit team with fun colleagues

Not only do we work hard, we also have fun together. Working at ChangeMakers means working in a close-knit team of international colleagues who are all as crazy about low-code as you are.

Possibility of assisted entrepreneurship

It is part of our business strategy that we want to build commercially promising ideas from our employees into new ventures in which they also participate.

We are looking for Changers!

A first category of low-code jobs you’ll find with us is the role of Changer. As a Changer within ChangeMakers, you will be an advisor and thorough discussion partner for our clients.

You will help IT departments embrace low-code (platforms) and accelerate their software production. Therefore, you are a professional discussion partner for IT managers and IT directors but also for all the people in their departments.

Because this is a completely new field of work in which we will explore together with you and the client, we do not want to put too much emphasis on elaborated tasks and responsibilities beforehand. We like to get in touch with ambitious, extroverted and communicatively minded people with business consulting, project and/or program management experience.

Do you have what it takes to achieve “Change” with our clients? We are currently looking for people within these roles:

  • Agile Coach / Program Manager
  • Product Owner / Project Manager
  • Scrum Master / Project Leader
  • Integration Architect
  • Business Analyst

We are looking for Makers!

The second type of vacancies in the area of low code involves the role of Maker. As a Maker within ChangeMakers, you get your energy from creating 100% fit IT solutions and transferring the skills you’ve built to do so with customers.

People find you pleasant to deal with because you communicate purely, clearly and transparently, are honest and can give and receive feedback well. You meet your goals and you work professionally. You are proud of everything you have already accomplished and you are ready to achieve even more with ChangeMakers.

As a Maker, you possess a solid amount of low-code experience. Haven’t you? No problem. We are always looking for people who are ambitious, technically and communicatively skilled and who want to join us on our adventure.

Will you help our customers achieve innovative 100% fit IT solutions? We are currently looking for these roles as a Maker:

  • Practice Lead low-code platform (platform specific, multiple roles)
  • Low-code specialists (platform specific, multiple roles)
  • Integration specialists (multiple roles)

This is working at ChangeMakers

Develop your career

Are you excited about the opportunities we can offer you? Contact us for more information. We will gladly tell you more.

Our core values


We nurture talent

We understand that change and failure are part of growing. We therefore look not only at the sum of what you do as an individual, but also at your potential. We nurture an environment where people can flourish and each comes into their own.


We hear every voice

With us, the best ideas win. Each has a different background, perspective and skills. With us, inflated egos don’t last. Curiosity, on the other hand, does! We firmly believe that we can do more together than alone.

We take responsibility

To create value for our clients, we focus on results. Initiative to get there is essential. Is there something that needs to be done? Then we do. It’s my job, it’s your job, it’s our job. Together we will get it done!

We put the client first

Always we act in the best interest of our clients. We strive to gain their trust and loyalty. We act as a partner by helping them achieve success. Often it goes beyond what they originally thought possible and that’s what makes it so beautiful.

We think big

At ChangeMakers, we go for big impact. We are ambitious and strive to create a meaningful and lasting impact on the world around us. We do not compromise long-term value over short-term gain. In this way, we continue to think and act big.

We stand for innovation

We dare to innovate. We ask the question “what if…?” and work on innovative solutions. We are not bound by conventions, quite the contrary. We disrupt, we dare and we are not afraid. We want to be what happens next.

What do we offer?

ChangeMakers is all about three things – freedom, growth and reward. We have developed an employment benefits model that is unique in the lowcode community that allows us, as top professionals, to provide exactly those three things in the best possible way. The most freedom in innovative assignments, a community within which you can grow to the maximum and the best possible earnings.

Interested? Check out our low-code jobs and take your future into your own hands, come have a chat with us and become a ChangeMaker too!


Unique profit sharing

As ChangeMaker staff, we decide together what to do with 10% of our profits. A donation to charity, picking up a collaborative and sustainable project, a nice bonus, you name it!

Flexible working

Freedom and flexibility are of paramount importance to us. That’s why we offer you the space to work flexibly whenever possible. Provided you coordinate this well with your team, of course!

Committed career coach

We make every effort to maximize your potential, both as a person and a professional. That’s why we spend time developing skills through an engaged career coach.

Share in our success!

Become part of the growth we are experiencing at ChangeMakers and share in our success. Upon good performance, we offer you the opportunity to participate in our company!

Hybrid working

At ChangeMakers, we work without an office, paperless and with as little overhead as possible. We work from home or co-working spaces, or on location with national and international clients!

Leisure now, good retirement later

At ChangeMakers, you enjoy up to 30 vacation days per year. Includes 8% vacation pay. We also have an attractive retirement plan for our staff!

Own direction

You bring your own devices and arrange your own mobility. Again, we offer you maximum flexibility as a professional. Of course, we are here for you with all the help you need in the process.

All room for your development

Within the ChangeMakers team, you have every opportunity for development. Our colleagues work on the latest low-code applications every day. We learn, we discover and we innovate!

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