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Whether you are looking for a link between different systems so that your work or that of your colleagues runs more efficiently, no longer want to work with outdated Excel workflows or want to build a whole new application for payroll, for example. Low-code is the solution. This will help you get the most out of your digital transformation.

Wondering exactly how to apply low-code? On this page, we give you examples of the many possibilities of low-code applications.


Billing software

Billing is often a challenge. Perhaps you are stuck with a system that does not run smoothly or a processing time that is too slow. Low-code invoicing software can then be a solution!

Onboarding system

You run into cluttered document flow, slow administrative procedures and new employees feeling a bit lost. Of course, you don’t want that! With a low-code onboarding system, you prevent and solve these problems.

Contract Management

Contracts getting lost in the pile, renewals being missed, and every day resembling a struggle with inefficient contract management. Does that look familiar to you? Then a low-code contract management system can help.

Process automation

With low-code process automation, you no longer stumble over repetitive processes and manual tasks. You free up important time and you can be engaged in directing your teams and business.

Test automation

With low-code test automation, you choose speed, quality and an efficient workflow. You ensure faster test cycles so that the test software can keep up with the speed of your team.

ERP systems

Is your ERP system unable to support business processes efficiently? Are you struggling with a rigid system that cannot adapt to your growing and changing needs? Then it’s time for a low-code ERP system.

HRM systems

You have to induct new colleagues but first you still need to collect all the induction documents or the leave requests haven’t come through properly again. Sound familiar? Then low-code is the solution you need! With a low-code HRM system, this is a thing of the past.

Project management system

You try to keep track of project status, but you are overwhelmed by a jumble of spreadsheets. Or team communication is once again going awry. Sound familiar? Then low-code is the solution you need!

Mobile applications

By building a low-code mobile application, you can be sure that you have in your hands an application that works on any mobile operating system and easily integrates with other mobile features such as the camera or GPS.

CRM Systems

Is your CRM system inflexible and unable to respond quickly enough to your customers’ changing needs or sales strategies? Learn more about integrating and complementing low-code and CRM systems.

Appointment application

Your current appointment system is rigid, not intuitive and just doesn’t meet the dynamic needs of your business. Recognizable? Then low-code is the solution you need!

Approval flows

A recognizable scenario: your workday is full of applications that still need to be reviewed and approved. It seems like you’re always behind – and you should be able to do that more efficiently, right? With a low-code system for approval flows, this scenario is a thing of the past.

Customer Portal

Imagine an office day without systemic bottlenecks, a customer portal that works smoothly and efficiently, and the ability to welcome new customers with ease. Does this seem like utopia? With the power of low-code technology, we can make this a reality.

Planning systems

Stumbling over double bookings, sudden changes and last-minute appointments can pretty much disrupt your day. Had enough of this frenzy? A low-code scheduling system is the solution!

Warehouse management

Want to get rid of a system that lags behind? Where inventory is not correct and data is not efficiently integrated into other systems? Then choose low-code!

Workflow automation

No more being stuck in manual and time-consuming processes. Administrative tasks are automated so you can lead strategic initiatives. You achieve that with low-code workflow automation.

Enterprise app development

In the world of digital transformation, outdated enterprise apps are a major Achilles heel. Your team works hard, but without the right tools, every day becomes a mountain climb. Every integration feels like a challenge, every adjustment seems to take forever, and staying up-to-date is almost a day job in itself. These are precisely the challenges to which low-code enterprise app development provides an answer.

Consulting and implementation

Accelerate your business with low-code development

At ChangeMakers, we have extensive knowledge about low-code software applications. We help you accelerate existing IT processes and use new ways to bring IT production closer to your business.

So what choices do you have to make? How do you optimally set up your organization? How do you take the first steps and what do you encounter in them? We are happy to advise you on how we can accelerate your IT.

The goal is to create impact in your organizational processes. We previously provided these processes for clients in the public sector and government in the Netherlands, as well as larger SMEs.

In addition to a consulting role, you’ve come to the right place for low-code software application development. A passionate team of Changers and Makers help your organization move forward with low-code software applications.

Our areas of expertise

We help develop web and app solutions with our low-code software. Our clients we can build powerful digital solutions faster, more efficiently and more cheaply.

Our UX & Design experts support organizations in creating intuitive and attractive interfaces. These implement via low-code quickly and easily into your IT ecosystem.

We help companies integrate different systems and applications with each other so that information can flow seamlessly. Using low-code, these integrations can be built and maintained quickly and easily.

We help companies digitize their processes and workflows to increase efficiency and productivity. Using low-code, this can be accomplished quickly and flexibly.

Our experts in Data & AI help organizations harness the power of data and AI to gain valuable insights and make better decisions.

We help companies upgrade and modernize their existing IT systems and processes. Our low-code applications make it possible to quickly replace legacy systems with modern, scalable and flexible solutions.

ChangeMakers offers specific services for Mendix development on the SAP platform. This allows organizations to quickly and flexibly build applications that integrate seamlessly with an existing SAP environment.

Our digital innovation experts support companies in identifying and implementing new digital innovations to strengthen their competitive position.

We offer specific services for the management and review of Mendix applications. This includes monitoring performance, securing the applications and performing regular audits to ensure they remain up-to-date.

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We are a team of experienced professionals and take pleasure in our work. We work quickly and efficiently to deploy new low code technology for our clients.

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At ChangeMakers, we take pride when we get things done well – and quickly. We understand better than anyone that you need to be agile as an organization. Therefore, we use low code software applications and work through Agile sprint process.

This makes us agile and responsive to our clients’ needs, while still delivering high-quality products in a short time frame. So if you’re looking for a trusted partner who can help you achieve your goals, look no further than ChangeMakers!

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