Low-code approval flows

A recognizable scenario: your workday is full of applications that still need to be reviewed and approved. It seems like you’re always behind – and you should be able to do that more efficiently, right? With a low-code system for approval flows, this scenario is a thing of the past.

Definition and explanation

What are approval flows?

An approval flow is a business method that requires individuals to approve data or tasks at specific points in a process.

Low-code: the new era of your approval flows

Low-code is the new innovative approach to fast and flexible application development. Put this technology to work for your approval flows and you have a system completely customized and to your liking. Namely, you can fully optimize it and tailor it exactly to your unique business requirements.

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Is it for you?

The versatile possibilities of low-code approval flows

Bringing together low-code and your approval flows offers a range of possibilities. Imagine the following:

  • Efficient approval flows: With low-code, you can streamline the workflows that regulate your approval process. Be it expense reports, vacation requests or purchase orders.
  • Advanced hierarchy management: setting up layered approval flows with complex rules? You can do that easily with low-code. This will save your management team time and reduce errors.
  • Integrated traceability of approvals: Easily track the progress of approval requests, ensuring transparency and efficiency.
  • Personalized reports and dashboards: Low-code approval flows provide customized reports and dashboards. You can tailor it entirely to the specific needs of your organization, giving you insight into the key numbers of your approval processes.
  • Flexibility: Adapt workflows to your specific business rules and needs. This means you can design processes that do exactly what you need, rather than having to meet the constraints of a standard software package.
  • Efficiency: It helps to automate processes and reduce the amount of manual administration. This not only saves time, but also minimizes the chance of errors.
  • Seamless integration with other systems: Be it billing software, CRM, ERP or HRM systems. With low-code, you integrate system very easily. Data exchange is seamless and efficient as a result.

And all without having to be a programming expert.

ChangeMakers: your partner in digital transformation

At ChangeMakers, we are specialists in low-code. We are ready to modernize your approval processes with our low-code expertise:

App Factory

Our App factory allows our DevOps teams to develop a customized low-code approval system – up to 10 times faster than traditional programming languages such as Java.

Interim Management

With our interim management, we make sure we integrate low-code into your organization together.

Low-code consulting

Focused on your unique needs around approval flows, we provide personal and expert advice.

Training and Coaching

We make sure that your team learns the necessary low-code skills so that you keep control of your low-code approval flows.

Are you ready for Change?

Improve your approval flows with low-code

With a low-code approval flows system, you can be sure you have a system that fits your business requirements perfectly. In which there are fewer mistakes and more efficiency. With our expertise and experience, we can make this happen for you.

Are you ready to improve your approval flows? Please contact us for a free consultation.

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