Low-code training and coaching: The Expert Class

Want to learn more about low-code? With our Expert Class, we offer training and coaching in low-code so you can embed this expertise in your organization and provide internal decisiveness. With our knowledge, we help you understand all the important aspects of low-code and teach you how to implement it in your projects.

Definition and explanation

What can you do with low-code?

With the new technology low-code, you can develop applications and software tremendously fast and efficiently. This allows you to move quickly with your organization and respond to trends and developments in the market. This can be done much faster with low-code than with traditional development methods. Moreover, you increase the power of realization within your organization.

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Customized recruitment and secondment

Looking for talented low-code professionals who are a seamless fit for your organization? We recruit and train the very best Mendix candidates so they are a perfect fit for your company culture and goals. After their training, we second them to your organization, where they make an immediate impact on your projects. And the best? You can even offer them a permanent contract over time!

Training and certification for your employees

Do you already have talented employees that you would like to excel in low-code? We are here for you! We provide high-quality training and certification in Mendix, so your staff masters the skills needed to deliver successful low-code projects.

Guidance and coaching for success

With us, support does not stop after training. Our experienced coaches are ready to guide you and your team through all crucial aspects of your low-code projects. We ensure that the knowledge and skills gained are applied immediately so that your team can work on low-code solutions with confidence and success.

Is it for you?

When is our Expert Class for you?

You’ve heard of low-code and would like to learn more about it. You want to realize internal decisiveness within your organization and make low-code your own. Because maybe you don’t have enough IT capacity or IT doesn’t understand your organization’s needs enough. Do you recognize this? Then let us help you with our low-code training and coaching. We help mobilize your organization for low code.

Do you recognize these points?

Low-code training and coaching is going to help you if you:

This is how we are going to help you

How does ChangeMakers help you?


Our multidisciplinary teams have capacity and expertise to provide you with the perfect low-code consultancy


With our strong, grounded technical knowledge about low-code, we ensure the right knowledge within your organization


We provide organizational direction so your organization will fully embrace the low-code mindset

You will benefit from our years of experience within both the public domain and larger SMEs


Why choose ChangeMakers?

Broad and deep knowledge of low-code

Adding value quickly and agile

Multidisciplinary team of low-code specialists

Specialist in low-code software development

Are you ready for Change?

Learn all about low-code with our expertise

Do you really want to start your low-code adventure? But do you lack the knowledge and would like guidance? Then we would like to help you with our low-code training and coaching. Take advantage of our broad and deep knowledge of low-code and get it embedded in your organization. Then contact us today for a no-obligation introductory consultation!

Become a ChangeMaker yourself?

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