Low-code traineeship

Why choose a low-code traineeship?

  • Technology accessibility: In a world where technology is rapidly evolving, low-code allows you to stay ahead and maximize your career opportunities
  • Flexibility: Low-code platforms like Mendix are versatile, allowing you to develop a variety of applications
  • Access without a traditional IT background: Even without in-depth IT knowledge, low-code gives you an entry into the IT world

Content of a low-code traineeship

Our traineeship offers a holistic approach, from theory to practice:

  • Theoretical understanding: Together we dive into the fundamentals of low-code and distinguish it from traditional software methods
  • Hands-on experience: We’ll get you involved in various low-code projects right away, developing skills in app creation and implementation
  • Project application: You will work on sustainable and innovative projects that provide impactful applications
  • Soft skills development: You will strengthen your communication, project management and team dynamics – which is essential in this multidisciplinary world
  • Certification: We provide preparation for Mendix certifications as confirmation of your expertise

You have

Technical affinity, problem-solving ability and eagerness to learn. Your analytical mind, along with a dose of creativity, enables you to come up with innovative solutions. Teamwork, attention to detail and customer focus are also essential. Remember: many of these qualities can be perfected during the traineeship, provided you are open to growth.

What we offer you

ChangeMakers invites you not only to excel in your career, but also to leave a positive mark on the world. Our core values of sustainability, social impact and meaning can be seen in every project. Not only do we offer training opportunities, but we welcome you to a tight-knit, international team that is passionate about low-code. Moreover, we are always looking for new ideas and encourage innovation.

At ChangeMakers, it’s about more than work; it’s about community, growth and impact. Choose a future with ChangeMakers and become the change you want to see.

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Plenty of space and development

Education and training are key so that your development never stands still for a day.


Language Control

A good command of English in word and writing is a plus.

Work Location

ChangeMakers is based in central Utrecht. We are in a beautiful gathering building where a delicious lunch is served every afternoon. Sounds good, right?

Feel free to call us

If you have any questions about this job posting or about ChangeMakers. You can always reach us at 085-6202141 for more information. We are happy to tell you more.

Apply via email

Apply for this job by emailing sollicitaties@change-makers.nl.

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