Becoming a Mendix developer

becoming a mendix developer

Do you enjoy quickly and easily developing mobile and web applications at scale via low code? Then becoming a Mendix developer might be for you. Read all about this job in this blog. Because what is Mendix? What a Mendix developer? What skills do you need? And of course: how do you become a Mendix developer? As specialists in low-code, we will give you answers to these questions.

What is a Mendix developer?

Let’s start at the beginning. A Mendix developer is an IT professional who specializes in creating digital applications using Mendix’s low-code app development software. This software makes it possible to create beautiful and complex applications quickly and efficiently, without requiring a lot of code and, therefore, a lot of technical knowledge of programming languages like Java or HTML.

What is Mendix?

Dutch Mendix is one of the most popular platforms for low-code app development and has a host of features that help you create beautiful and sophisticated applications. This software uses a visual design and work process, allowing you to easily prototype your application and then build it out step by step. In addition, Mendix also offers a code editor for programmers, so you can further customize and create applications the way you want.

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What does a Mendix developer do?

As a Mendix developer, you will be responsible for the continuous development and improvement of beautiful, complex applications in a dynamic work environment. You deal with:

  • Working closely with clients to understand their needs and requirements;
  • Designing and building the software to meet these needs;
  • Resolving problems as they arise;
  • Continuously improve and optimize existing software applications.

To enable this process, you need strong analytical and communication skills. This is important so you can listen carefully to the client’s needs. This means being able to question well to understand what the client wants. Your role is that you can then translate this into solutions. In doing so, it is important that you can work well with your colleagues.

Do you prefer to give advice? Then low-code consultant might be the job for you!

How do you become a Mendix developer?

Does a job as a Mendix developer strike your fancy? As lovers of low-code, we understand this like no other! To further develop your Mendix skills, several training courses are available through Mendix. There you can obtain the following certification:

  • Rapid Developer Certification
  • Intermediate Developer Certification
  • Advanced Developer Certification
  • Expert Developer Certification

Please note that it costs money to take the actual exam to become certified!

Take Mendix training at ChangeMakers

At ChangeMakers, we are always looking for driven and motivated people who want to become Mendix developers! With dedication, drive and Mendix enthusiasm, you too can become a Mendix developer. At ChangeMakers, we specialize in low-code and offer several training opportunities where you don’t have to worry about the cost. Moreover, you gain work experience right away. You will learn all the ins-and-outs of low-code Mendix and you will get to work in a hearty international team of motivated people.

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The future of Mendix as a low-code platform

Mendix is a powerful and popular low-code platform that allows organizations of any size to quickly and easily build complex digital applications without requiring extensive technical knowledge or expertise. Read why low-code is so useful here!

With its visual design tools, intuitive workflows and robust functionality, Mendix makes it easy for anyone to create functional and scalable apps that meet the needs of their users. That’s why Mendix is the future for IT professionals who want to create digital applications quickly and easily, whether for small businesses or multinationals. Whether you are experienced or yet to start, low-code applications like Mendix make it easy for anyone to put their ideas into practice and make them a reality. This is how you can contribute to a bright future for yourself and others. And that’s what we at ChangeMakers stand for!

Becoming a Mendix developer at ChangeMakers

Would you like to work with a fun international team of motivated people on challenging projects of a sustainable nature? Then becoming a Mendix developer might be the perfect choice for you. We at ChangeMakers are always looking for motivated Changers and Makers. Low-code is making a huge and positive impact on the development and acceleration process of IT within organizations. Would you like to work with a motivated, international team on sustainable projects? Then contact us!

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