Low-code developer: everything you want to know

The software development market via low-code is booming. This also applies to the profession of low-code developer. Within this profession, you work on projects in which you can translate complex processes and IT infrastructure into simple applications. That sounds interesting, but perhaps also a bit abstract! So what exactly does the work of such a developer entail? And what kind of organizations will you be working for as a low code developer? In this blog, we explain it to you!

What is a low-code developer?

A low-code developer is someone skilled in developing apps using low-code programming languages. This form of software development requires less code and prior knowledge than traditional programming languages. As a result, the applications you can create with it are easier to use and develop.

What is low-code?

As we pointed out in our previous blog on becoming a low-code developer, we use Mendix’s definition:

Low-code is a visual approach to software development . Low-code abstracts and automates every step of the application lifecycle to enable rapid delivery of a variety of software solutions.”

Read more about what low-code is and why low-code is so useful here.

Skills you must master as a successful low code developer:

  • You must be able to analyze well and understand how a process works. In addition, you must be able to translate this process into simple app functionality;
  • You must be able to communicate with business analysts, system administrators and other stakeholders within the project team;
  • You must be results-oriented and always strive to find the best solution for the client.

At ChangeMakers, we believe motivation is the single most important trait for a low-code developer. After all, the field of low-code is still evolving. So skills and competencies are important, but it’s about your personal drive to constantly look for the best solutions using low-code

Who can you go to work for?

Low-code developers work primarily for companies that benefit from the simplicity and flexibility that low-code development brings. At ChangeMakers, we distinguish two main target groups within our programs:

Public organizations

Low-code developers are in high demand at public organizations. Within (semi-)government agencies, systems and software are often used for different purposes with all having to work together. Practice shows that these complicated, mismatched processes can benefit greatly from low-code solutions.

Read Tip! Low-code in healthcare: why and how? and Transform your government organization with low-code: practical applications and benefits

Larger SME organizations

Larger SMB organizations also often have complex IT infrastructures. The size of the organization often contributes to the complexity of a business. Think of all kinds of internal and external processes and departments that must be aligned and work together to ensure an efficient way of working. A low-code developer here can also make an essential contribution to accelerating (IT) processes.

What features are there for low-code developers?

You can do several jobs as a low-code developer. For example, you can work as a junior or senior developer.

Junior low-code developer

As a junior developer, you will begin your career on a low-code development team. You will work with experienced developers on simple apps and learn the ins and outs of low-level programming languages. You will also learn how to design apps for different platforms, such as mobile devices and web applications.

Senior low-code developer

As a senior developer, you have more experience developing apps using low-level programming languages. You know what techniques are out there and how to apply them in your projects. In addition, you are familiar with all aspects of the production process, allowing you to start and execute projects independently.

Did you know: ChangeMakers is currently looking for a Senior Mendix Maker

Become a low-code developer on the ChangeMakers team

Low-code developers are in huge demand because they can help implement digital solutions quickly and efficiently. Also we at ChangeMakers are always looking for enthusiastic inquisitive low-code developers. Together, we can make a huge impact on the development and acceleration process of IT within organizations. Do you think we are a match? Contact us, read more about us or check out our job openings right away!

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