Low-code for educational institutions

Technology plays an increasing role in today’s educational landscape. To keep up and work time efficiently, it is important to look for efficient solutions. But how do you keep up without getting bogged down in technological complexity and high costs? Low-code can be your ally in this.

The challenges within educational institutions

If you work in an educational institution, you are probably familiar with the challenges such as administrative inefficiencies due to outdated systems, communication problems between all involved, and the need to respond quickly to change. Added to this is the need for reliable data security, the complexity of distance learning, and the cost and training associated with new technologies.

Finding an appropriate solution to these problems is essential.

low-code for educational institutions

Low-code in understandable language

Low-code sounds technical, but let’s make it simple. Imagine you have a LEGO set. Instead of creating each piece separately, you have large, pre-formed pieces that come together to build an application or software (link). That’s low-code.

You have the blocks and tools you need, ready to be assembled quickly and effectively without having to build every little detail from scratch.

Low-code in education

Do you also see the challenges in education? With low-code, you gain the flexibility to quickly adapt applications to changing needs. You save costs, effortlessly integrate old and new systems, and improve communication between all involved. Plus, it supports and optimizes digital learning. In short, low-code helps your educational institution stay innovative and efficient.

The ROI of investing in low-code

Imagine investing in a technology where you not only save costs but also see results faster. That’s the ROI promise of low-code. From lower development costs to faster adoption, low-code offers schools the opportunity to stay ahead.

Examples of low-code applications in education

This may sound a bit abstract until now. Let’s make it more concrete using some examples of low-code applications:

Class schedule management Imagine being able to put together a conflict-free roster within minutes without any headaches
Homework and assignment portal A place where students submit their work and receive real-time feedback, improving communication
Attendance registration Know at a glance which students are present and which are not
Online library reservations A system where students reserve books online, renew them and receive reminders to return them
Parent-teacher communication platform A direct and safe way for parents and teachers to be in touch so that everyone is up-to-date on the latest developments
Evaluation and reporting Automate reports and minimize manual errors.Automatic student performance entry and generation ensure consistency and accuracy
School canteen management A streamlined system of online meal orders, payments and menu feedback. This provides a better user experience for both students and staff
Study progress tracker A tool that gives teachers, students and parents insight into academic progress, identifying weaknesses and celebrating successes
Budgeting and spending app A transparent look at school finance with tools for tracking expenses, budgeting and financial reporting. Makes financial management easier and more efficient


Ready to get started with low-code?

Are you interested in getting started with low-code (LINK) within your educational institution? Here are some recommended steps:

  1. Evaluate your current systems: Where is the greatest need for improvement or digitization within your school?
  2. Define your goals: What do you hope to accomplish with a new application or system?
    Find specialists: Find a trusted low-code partner such as ChangeMakers, who has experience with digital transformation.
  3. Start small: Start with a pilot project to explore the potential of low-code without a large initial investment.
  4. Evaluate and scale: After successful implementation, look at other areas where low-code can be useful and expand into those if necessary.

Programs and services

Meet our low-code services

At ChangeMakers, we help organizations harness the power of low-code. Our services range from consulting, to the actual implementation of low code software. We offer two unique programs focused on advice, management and guidance (Changing), or actual development (Making).

App factory

Does your organization want to get the most out of digital transformations? Our DevOps teams add value at lightning speed by delivering turnkey projects that help you take the next step. We realize your projects up to 10x faster.



Interim management

Optimize educational processes with our specialized guidance. Ensure a smooth transition to a modern, technology-driven education model. We get your organization ready to embrace low-code development. We do this by leading a team, managing the required portfolio, organizing people for it and shaping platform processes.


Low-code consulting

Let your educational institution benefit from the latest technological capabilities. Get expert advice on which low-code solutions best fit your educational needs. With our independent knowledge of low-code platforms, we advise on the best solution, architecture design and integration with existing systems. But more importantly, how to bring the organization into this.


Training and coaching

Equip teachers and administrative staff with the skills they need in a digital age. Increase efficiency and provide a better educational experience. It is important to embed low code expertise in your organization and live “the agile way of work.” In doing so, we provide training and certification. We coach you through the entire project and help you execute all important aspects.


Start low-code today

In an era where technology and education go hand in hand, low-code is the key to a seamless, future-proof educational experience. At ChangeMakers, we combine this technology with deep understanding of the education sector. Whether you are looking for a unique application, expert advice or guidance throughout the process, we are happy to help you move forward on your digital path.

Let’s work together. Get in touch with us!

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