Low-code in SMEs

Today’s digital world is changing faster than ever before. SME organizations face a twofold challenge: how to remain competitive against the superpowers while also remaining flexible and progressive. How can you free up energy and time while strategically growing your organization? Low-code can be the key to digital transformation in SMEs.

The digital challenges within SMEs

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are navigating a digital age that presents both opportunities and challenges. Many SMBs struggle with outdated technology infrastructure, struggling to keep up with ever-changing customer expectations. In addition, limited IT budgets and resources can slow the adoption of new technologies. There is also a constant pressure to innovate quickly and stay competitive while ensuring cybersecurity and data protection. Furthermore, SMEs may struggle with integrating different business systems and efficiently leveraging business data for decision-making. All these challenges require modern and flexible technological approaches.

low-code in SMEs

Explaining low-code as a technology

Low-code offers SMEs an accessible way to create IT solutions without the complexity of traditional coding. Essentially, it enables teams to build and deploy digital tools faster and more efficiently, with the agility to respond to changing business needs.

Why SMBs need to embrace low-code

Level playing field with larger players

Low-code enables SMEs to launch and modify applications quickly, allowing you to be as fast or even faster than larger competitors

Maximizing limited resources

Instead of investing in extensive IT teams, low-code lets you use existing employees to develop customized solutions. We call this citizen development

Strategic differentiation

Low-code allows you to create unique tools and solutions that fit your exact business needs, something standard software packages cannot provide

100% fit

Traditional software can often be too generic. Low-code ensures that the solution built fits your organization’s specific needs perfectly

ROI of investing in low-code

Investing in low-code may initially feel like a challenge, given that it is an innovative approach to software development. However, once familiar, it offers remarkable advantages. Think more efficient development, flexible adjustments, and cost savings over time. By choosing low-code now, you are putting your company firmly in the marketplace and can respond quickly to changing needs.

Case examples of low-code applications

No two SMEs are the same, of course. So we list some common practical applications of low-code applications:

Customer Relationship Management Centralize customer data, track interactions and improve customer service, all tailored for your specific business
Inventory and supplier management Keep control of your inventory and optimize collaboration with suppliers in a way that fits your business model
Accounting and billing Streamline your financial processes and make invoicing more efficient with tools that perfectly fit your needs
Staff Planning Plan and manage your staffing needs dynamically, taking into account variable factors in your industry
E-commerce platform Create a customized online sales experience that fits exactly what your customers want and need
Marketing and analytics Implement marketing tools and analyze performance in real time, with the flexibility to adjust your strategies quickly


Getting started with low-code?

Are you interested in integrating low-code into business operations? Follow these steps:

1. Evaluate your current IT landscape.

Identify current pain points and see where low-code can be of value.

2. Define your digital transformation goals

Are automating processes, improving customer interactions or regulatory compliance your main drivers? Create concrete goals.

3. Choose a reliable low-code partner

It is important to work with an experienced partner who has experience in both low-code and finance.

4. Start with a pilot project

By starting with a small-scale project, you can explore the value of low-code without much risk.

5. Continuous monitoring and evaluation

After implementation, track performance and adjust as needed. Take feedback from both customers and employees seriously to improve the system.

6. Training and knowledge sharing

Keep your team up-to-date with the latest low-code techniques and best practices. This way, you can best incorporate the low-code thinking into your organization!

Programs and services

Meet our low-code services

At ChangeMakers, we help organizations harness the power of low-code. Our services range from consulting, to the actual implementation of low code software. We offer two unique programs focused on advice, management and guidance (Changing), or actual development (Making).

App factory

Does your organization want to get the most out of digital transformations? Our DevOps teams add value at lightning speed by quickly building customized business apps that address SMB needs. We realize your projects up to 10x faster.



Interim management

Strategic leadership to ensure smooth integration of low-code and prepare your organization for the future. Ensure a smooth transition to a modern, technology-driven organization. We get your organization ready to embrace low-code development.


Low-code consulting

Let your organization take advantage of the latest technological capabilities. Get expert advice on which low-code solutions best fit your needs. With our knowledge of low-code, we advise on the best solution, architecture design and integration with existing systems. But more importantly, how to bring the organization into this.


Training and coaching

Strengthen your team with the necessary skills and knowledge to get the most out of low-code. Increase efficiency and provide a better experience. In doing so, we provide training and certification. We coach you through the entire project and help you execute all important aspects.


Start low-code today

Competing against larger players, SMEs can benefit from the agility and customization that low-code offers. Don’t fall behind and step into the world of digital transformation and create your own success story. Contact ChangeMakers today to begin your journey.

Become a ChangeMaker yourself?

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