Getting an application developed with Mendix

Getting an application developed with Mendix

Techology is making an increasing difference in our world. Applications can help your company stand out, engage customers and support employees. Many organizations can no longer do without all their types of software. Yet developing applications in-house is a time-consuming and expensive process, partly because of unwieldy organizations and inflexible software. Until now! Because low-code platform Mendix lets you develop an application faster than ever.

Mendix Partner

As a Mendix partner, we at ChangeMakers successfully deploy the low-code platform for partners. What is Mendix, what do you gain from such a low-code platform and why is it advantageous for you as an IT professional to have an app developed with Mendix? We are happy to explain.

What is low code and what is Mendix?

Low-code is a way of software development where instead of working with complicated code, you work primarily with AI, visual, logical interfaces and a drag-and-drop system. This makes it easier to build apps than with traditional coding.

At ChangeMakers, we use Mendix for low-code app development. Mendix offers versatile technology with both low-code and no-code options. This is unique for this type of platform.

Developing apps faster than ever

The biggest advantage of having apps developed with Mendix is that it can be done faster than ever. Traditional application development software is not as flexible and versatile. Developing applications can then take months or even longer. Maintenance also costs more time and money. With Mendix, that’s a thing of the past. In a few weeks, you can have an app created for your organization. And the beauty of this is? We provide a “100% fit,” a custom low-code app completely tailored to your organization.

The benefits of this as a platform

In addition to rapid app development, Mendix has other advantages. In fact, there are also a lot of different types of applications you can create and maintain with it. Want a new app for HR purposes? Looking for a low code ERP system that adapts easily? Or is it time for a truly efficient customer portal? With Mendix, it can be done.

A few examples of types of applications we can create with Mendix:

What is special about Mendix is that we can deploy it for the entire life cycle of an application. From building the app to testing and maintenance, it can all be done in one program. Even hosting and maintaining a database can be done in Mendix.

Develop your own app with Mendix

With Mendix, it becomes simpler than ever to develop applications. That includes people with little experience or no knowledge of code. So basically, anyone can become a Mendix developer and build an app. But do you want to consistently add value to your organization with your application? It takes more than that.

ChangeMakers employs business and IT accelerators. Our changers and makers provide sustainable and scalable solutions to stay competitive in the digital age. From strategy consulting to implementation, testing and maintenance of low-code platforms, ChangeMakers helps your organization transform.

Also have an app built in Mendix?

Find out more about what ChangeMakers can do for you at the App Factory. Want to have an app developed with Mendix? If so, please contact with us.

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