Low-code customer portal development

Imagine an office day without systemic bottlenecks, a customer portal that works smoothly and efficiently, and the ability to welcome new customers with ease. Does this seem like utopia? With the power of low-code technology, we can make this a reality. The low-code customer portal is the future of efficient customer service and business transformation.

Definition and explanation

Low-code: the revolution for your customer portal

Low-code is no longer just something of the future; it is already a reality. This development technique not only speeds up application development, but can also greatly improve the heart of your customer interaction – your customer portal. With low-code, you can customize, optimize and precisely tailor your customer portal to your customer’s unique needs, all with unprecedented speed and flexibility.

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Low-code for your organization

Creating a customer portal with low-code?

Integrating low-code into your customer portal brings a range of benefits. It makes a world of difference, inclusive:

  • Seamless integration: Low-code platforms support the integration of various systems and data sources. This allows you to seamlessly develop a customer portal that is consistent and performs well despite the use of various data sources.
  • Increased security: Built-in security measures in low-code platforms strengthen the protection of sensitive customer information. These can help ensure the security of sensitive information in the customer portal despite the increasing risk of cyber attacks.
  • Enhanced user experience: Low-code technologies such as drag-and-drop interfaces and visual modeling enable an intuitive and user-friendly customer portal design. This reduces frustration and increases customer satisfaction.
  • Optimal accessibility: Accessibility is also an asset of low-code platforms. You can develop accessible client portals thanks to their tools and features, including customizable color contrasts and font sizes.
  • Efficient management and updates: Due to the limited coding required by low-code, maintenance and updates can be performed more quickly and cost-effectively. This will save you valuable time and resources.
  • Streamlined implementation: Low-code platforms require less technical knowledge. This speeds up the implementation of a customer portal. We also often see a smoother project and less resistance from stakeholders.
  • Privacy compliance: Low-code platforms are often designed with privacy laws in mind, so they include features that help collect, store and use customer data in compliance with AVG regulations.

ChangeMakers: partner in digital transformation

At ChangeMakers, we are more than just experts in low-code. We can help you in the following ways:

App Factory

With our App factory, our DevOps teams can build a custom low-code customer portal for you.

Interim Management

Want to integrate low-code thinking into your organization for optimal results? We guide your team through experienced interim management.


We provide personal and expert advice, tailored to your specific customer needs, on the most effective low-code solutions.

Training and Coaching

We’ll make sure your team masters the low-code skills so that you maintain control of your low-code customer portal yourself.

Are you ready for Change?

Create a powerful customer portal with low-code

With a low-code customer portal, you are guaranteed a solution perfectly tailored to your customer needs, with fewer errors and more flexibility. At ChangeMakers, we have the expertise and experience to make it happen. Are you ready to take your customer portal to the next level? Then contact us for a free consultation.
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