Low-code onboarding system

Imagine, it’s another one of those work days when the onboarding process is more laborious than you had hoped. You run into cluttered document flow, slow administrative procedures and new employees feeling a bit lost. Of course, you don’t want that! With a low-code onboarding system, you prevent and solve these problems.

Definition and explanation

A new world with low-code

Low-code is the latest technology that makes application creation easier. So with this technology, you can also take the onboarding experience within your organization to the next level. This approach allows you to refine and customize your system to your company’s specific onboarding requirements.

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Is it for you?

The potential of low-ode onboarding systems

When you deploy low-code for your onboarding system, you discover a range of new possibilities:

  • Efficiency: Speed up handling routine tasks such as setting up hiring plans and sending out welcome messages.
  • Adaptability: Provides an individualized approach that fits the role and needs of each new employee.
  • Flawless collaboration: Make sure your onboarding system communicates flawlessly with other business systems, such as HRM, CRM and ERP software or project management or contract management systems.
  • Data insights: Produce custom reports and dashboards for a better overview of the effectiveness of your onboarding strategy.

And the best part is: you don’t need extensive programming knowledge!

ChangeMakers: low-code experts

At ChangeMakers, we are committed to low-code. We are ready to guide you through the transformation of your onboarding system:

App Factory

Our experienced DevOps teams are experts at rapidly developing custom low-code onboarding systems.

Interim Management

We are ready to support your team in adopting low-code so you can always keep up with the latest digital trends.

Low-code consulting

We provide insight and recommendations on the most efficient low-code strategies for your specific onboarding needs.

Training and Coaching

We ensure that your team develops the skills necessary to maintain control of your own low-code onboarding system.

Are you ready for Change?

Develop a dynamic onboarding system with low-code

With a low-code onboarding system, you create a streamlined and flexible process, minimize errors and provide a personalized experience. ChangeMakers has the expertise and experience to make this a reality.

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