ChangeMaker Nuhi Stenvers speaks at Mendix Public Sector Meetup

On Nov. 24, 2022, the Mendix Public Sector Meetup took place for the second time. The meeting took place at the Rotterdam headquarters of the low-code development platform. Founder and “ChangeMaker” Nuhi Stenvers was one of the speakers at the event. He addressed the audience about a Mendix project he led as interim manager at the University of Twente.

Nuhi Stenvers during his presentation
Nuhi speaks at Mendix Public Sector Meetup

About the Mendix Public Sector Meetup

As many as 150 attendees attended the Mendix Public Sector Meetup. Part of the invitees are working in the public sector, and another part of the audience is actively working with Mendix’s low-code application. Thanks to the event, a cross-pollination of knowledge and sectors took place. So this is not only about sharing experiences, but also about jointly identifying and fleshing out interests.

How else can you discuss this matter than through relevant real-life examples of low-code transformations? That’s exactly what the presentation by Nuhi Stenvers, co-founder and COO of ChangeMakers, was about.

Presentation by Nuhi Stenvers

As an interim manager for many years, Nuhi has been helping public sector organizations achieve their goals more effectively by applying and leveraging the added value of Mendix low-code. Nuhi’s presentation at the Mendix Public Sector Meetup was about a project he led at the University of Twente.

On an adventure in Twente

Within this project, there were two main components. On the one hand, it is about creating public value; on the other, it is about increasing the power of realization within the university.

Various aspects passed the review. Consider a concrete case description, explanation of the approach, objectives and principles. Points such as the start-up phase, results and learnings & future of Mendix at the University of Twente were then covered.

Want to know more?

Want to learn more about Nuhi’s presentation and insights? Follow us on LinkedIn to learn more. In the coming period, we will share several lessons from this project? Want to know more about the Mendix low-code platform? Let us know or read our blog!

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