Low-code training & coaching

Low-code success through training & coaching

Get the most out of low-code with the right training and coaching

Low-code offers tremendous opportunities for organizations to accelerate IT processes and make them more efficient. But how do you make sure you get the most out of it? Invest in low-code training and coaching! In this article, you’ll discover why thorough training and guidance are crucial to successfully implementing low-code thinking in your organization.

The added value of low-code training

Imagine your team not only understanding the basics of low-code, but also learning how to best use this technology in their projects. Low-code training allows you to build a solid foundation. This allows you to take advantage of all the benefits that low-code offers and boosts your day-to-day operations.

Who is it intended for?

Low-code training and coaching is ideal for organizations that want to cut costs, innovate faster and attract and retain the best talent. By equipping your employees with the right skills and knowledge, they can use low-code technology effectively and maximize its benefits. The consequences? We name a few:

  • Improved efficiency;
  • Faster time-to-market;
  • Increased customer satisfaction;
  • Higher power of realization.

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Case study: ProRail & ChangeMakers

ProRail was already using the low-code platform Mendix. However, the opportunities and potential of the platform were not yet fully exploited. There appeared to be insufficient knowledge within the organization about the power, operation and capabilities of the platform. It also became clear that low-code knowledge was not in the right places within the organization. Thanks to ChangeMakers’ low-code training and coaching, ProRail has significantly improved the efficiency and agility of their IT processes! Also read the case about working with ProRail.

prorail case low-code

Success factors and pitfalls

When implementing low-code thinking, there are some critical success factors and potential pitfalls to consider. A first of these is creating support within the organization. This can be achieved through effective communication and demonstrating the tangible benefits of low-code.

It is also important to ensure adequate training and coaching to prevent employees from getting stuck or making mistakes when applying low-code technology.

A potential pitfall is underestimating the importance of thorough training and not investing in coaching in a timely manner. This can lead to suboptimal results and unnecessary costs.

Internal decisiveness and cooperation

Low-code training helps realize internal decisiveness and promotes collaboration between your IT department and the rest of the organization. Understanding the potential of low-code builds bridges between different departments. This will make it clear to everyone what low-code can do for your organization’s growth and efficiency.

The crucial role of coaching

An experienced coach is indispensable in successfully implementing low-code. Coaching helps your organization navigate the many aspects of low-code, such as combining agile working with low-code and actually developing applications. With the right guidance, you’ll take the first step toward digital transformation that is so desperately needed anno 2023

The importance of the right partner

Finding a reliable partner with extensive knowledge of low-code is crucial to the success of your low-code implementation. ChangeMakers offers in-depth expertise and customized guidance to help your organization deploy low-code. With our multidisciplinary (and international) team of low-code specialists, you are assured of the best advice and support.


Invest in low-code training and coaching to get the most out of this promising technology. With the right guidance and a trusted partner like ChangeMakers, you can take your organization to the next level and benefit from faster and more efficient IT processes. Wondering how low-code can accelerate your IT? Check out our services or contact us We are happy to help you explore the possibilities.

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