An architecture issue at an organization where low-code is already well-known and where there is a hugely complex IT infrastructure.


pro rail case low-code

The customer

ProRail, as railroad manager in the Netherlands, is responsible for maintenance, renewal, expansion and safety of the Dutch railroad network. ProRail regulates all 160 million kilometers per year of train traffic on the country’s 7,000 kilometers of tracks. In addition, they also build and manage stations. ProRail does all this with attention to society and with an eye to the future. Sustainable mobility is important at ProRail. In doing so, they make it possible for more people to travel by train and more goods to be transported by rail.

The challenges

Incredibly large and complex IT infrastructure

The proper functioning of the Dutch railroad network is, of course, incredibly important. To make this possible, ProRail’s IT infrastructure has grown tremendously over the years. Because of this size and interdependencies, IT has also become very complex.

ProRail’s IT consists not only of employees’ computers, but also includes all installations along the tracks and at stations. All these systems are used by ProRail staff but also by travelers. So it is important to have good interaction between these systems.

Unsuccessful persuasion and potential utilized

ProRail was already using low-code application Mendix. However, the opportunities and potential of the platform were not yet fully exploited. There appeared to be insufficient knowledge within the organization about the power, operation and capabilities of the platform. It also became clear that low-code knowledge was not in the right places within the organization.

Our approach

So we can speak of an architecture issue at ProRail. Within this complex IT environment, our role is to devise IT solutions and design and implement policies in such a way as to create solutions that are future-proof, uniform and maintainable.
Our collaboration allows ProRail to harness the potential of low-code. This means that its deployment is like a piece of IT tools, providing faster solutions than other software. By being a “spider in the web” in terms of IT architecture, we know how to better streamline various use cases at the IT level. In short: ChangeMakers takes the sand out of the IT engine!
ChangeMakers fulfills the role of Solution Architect within ProRail. Our main contribution is awareness of the use and possibilities of low-code and Mendix in particular. The way we do that is by providing and implementing solutions at the IT architecture level.

ProRail and our ESG policy

prorail case low-code

A well-functioning public transport system is essential for sustainable mobility in the Netherlands. At ChangeMakers, we love that we can get involved in projects that are sustainable in nature. Our people contribute to choices that move the organization forward. So in terms of our ESG policy, this case is a great figurehead.

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