All of our low-code consultants are now Mendix certified

We have some very good news to share here at ChangeMakers! All of our low-code consultants have worked hard and will all be Mendix certified by January 25, 2023! This is obviously a wonderful milestone and a great reward.

More internal development capacity

So our team of low-code consultants is now fully qualified to provide our clients with the best low-code services in the industry. This is how we can bring about real change. Moreover, with this certification, our internal development capacity has also increased significantly!

Read what a low-code consultant does here

We would like to take this opportunity on behalf of ChangeMakers to congratulate our consultants on this fine achievement. We know how hard you worked for it and we are proud of you. And you should also be proud: certification as a Mendix consultant requires mastery of complex concepts so that’s a very nice accomplishment!

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Need help with low-code?

At ChangeMakers, we continually strive to provide top-quality services that meet the needs of our clients. This Mendix certification obviously contributes immensely to this! This allows us to deliver top quality low-code solutions with up-to-date knowledge of trends and technologies in the low-code world. Need help or want to learn more about how ChangeMakers can help you with low-code? If so, please feel free to contact us!



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