New cybersecurity law (NIS2) and its effect on your IT organization

Organizations must begin complying with the new cybersecurity guidelines of the NIS2 directive by 2023. At ChangeMakers, we keep a close eye on IT opportunities, but also certainly on the duties and guidelines that must be met. So the new law on network and information systems (NIS), also known as NIS2, is coming. What does this new law entail and what can you do to comply with the guidelines? You can read about that in this blog.

What is the NIS2 legislation?

The NIS legislation, also known as NIS2 directive, is an EU-wide law that aims to improve the security of Europe’s digital infrastructure. The law applies to operators of essential services (OES) such as energy companies, carriers, banks and health care providers. It was created to ensure that organizations take sufficient cybersecurity measures to prevent data breaches and other cyber crimes.

The law is incredibly relevant, as we see large organizations often still using end-of-life applications!

How will the NIS2 directive affect organizations?

The NIS2 legislation is going to have several implications for organizations:

The directive will apply to more organizations

Currently, the NIS1 law is still in effect in Europe. This law also applies to essential businesses, but the important difference is that NIS2 will apply to a lot more businesses.

Indeed, more organizations are classified as essential business under this new law than under NIS1. You can think of Internet service providers, small factories and energy and water suppliers, for example.

A duty of care applies

This forces you as an organization to get your entire IT infrastructure in order. This includes aspects such as the processing of (personal) data, the timely renewal of hardware and software, and you are obliged to monitor what happens on and around your IT infrastructure.

A reporting requirement applies

The duty to report means that you, as an organization, must make a report when you encounter a cyber incident.

You risk a hefty fine

A major consequence is that as an organization, you risk a hefty fine if you don’t comply with the guidelines. You want to avoid that, of course, so it’s critical that you make sure your organization’s IT infrastructure is properly protected.

Guidelines to improve your cybersecurity (NIS2)

So to avoid a fine, it is critical that you prepare your organization properly for the NIS2. Every IT organization is different, of course, but you can keep an eye on the following guidelines to prepare in advance:

  • Strong authentication measures: provide two-factor authentication, for example;
  • Regularly scan your networks for vulnerabilities;
  • Update software patches;
  • Use encryption protocols;
  • Arrange a clear policy outlining how your organization will respond in the event of a data breach or other incident affecting network security;
  • Make good backups;
  • Make sure you can see who, when and where in the system.

NIS2 legislation and low-code software architecture

Thus, proper preparation for the NIS2 is very important. With low-code, you have a powerful and sustainable tool on your hands. After all, you can easily automate complex IT processes with it.

Developing a low-code application can also be done 10 times faster, and with a 100% fit with your organization, than using other development methods. So you will be prepared quickly and also increase the productivity of your organization.

But most importantly, low-code has extensive security functionality. These help you manage cyber risks and improve overall cybersecurity within your organization. Read about low-code security here.

This allows you to add access controls, user authentication and encryption to application building processes entirely as you wish. Low-code can even detect security flaws in real time!

Switch quickly to take care of your cybersecurity

So you want to make sure that before this NIS2 law is implemented that your IT is completely in order. So shift gears in time and make sure you take the right measures. You can do this, for example, by hiring a team that is fully responsible for getting your IT infrastructure in order. Wondering how we can help you with your cybersecurity? Then contact us!

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