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Low-code in healthcare: why and how?

Are you working in health care? If so, you undoubtedly face complex processes and challenges on a daily basis. Are you working with an outdated IT infrastructure that no longer meets today’s security and speed requirements? Do you have limited access to patient data or are the various IT systems not exchanging data properly? Low-code is then a solution! You can read more about this in this blog.

What is low-code?

Low-code technology is a gamechanger in software development. It allows you to build applications quickly and with minimal programming. Imagine being able to automate complex administrative tasks even without extensive programming knowledge.

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Why low-code for healthcare?

The healthcare industry has its own unique challenges. Data must be kept secure, you have to deal with budgets and many regulations. In addition, of course, you want to provide care to all patients quickly and efficiently. Low-code can be a valuable solution for the following reasons:

  • Efficiency and cost savings

Is there a limited budget and is efficiency important? Low-code helps optimize operational processes and automate routine tasks.

  • Improve patient care

Do you want to improve patient care? With low-code, you can build digital platforms that give patients easier and faster access to healthcare services. How might this increase patient satisfaction and engagement?

  • Flexibility and adaptability

Are you faced with changing regulations and patient needs? Low-code offers the flexibility to make quick and easy adjustments to your digital tools and applications.

  • Increased security and compliance

In healthcare, you work with strict security and compliance requirements. Low-code has built-in security features and can be customized to meet specific rules and standards. That’s how you protect sensitive patient data while reducing the risk of poor compliance.

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Practical applications

Let’s look at some real-world examples where low-code can excel in healthcare:

  • Patient Portal

Want to provide patients with easy and quick access to their medical records and appointments? A low-code-based patient portal can provide this, increasing patient engagement and making your organization more efficient.

  • E-health application

Imagine wanting to monitor patients remotely or provide them with digital therapies such as psychological support through e-learnings. With low-code, you can create an e-health application to ensure better care outcomes and increased capacity of fellow caregivers.

  • Digital care plan

Manage and coordinate individual care plans more effectively? A low-code-based application can make this possible. This leads to improved care coordination and better patient outcomes.

  • Data management application

If you want to efficiently manage and analyze your healthcare data, how valuable would a robust data management tool be? A low-code application provides insight into your healthcare performance and enables data-driven decisions.

How does low-code work?

Low-code platforms work with a visual interface. That means you can develop applications using pre-programmed building blocks and minimal manual coding. This allows even people without extensive programming experience to get started with it. With a fancy word, we call it Citizen Development.

So developing is very accessible. Not unimportant and a big plus: the flexibility of low-code allows you to customize everything so that the software completely meets all of your organization’s specific needs.

How can ChangeMakers help?

Go for greater efficiency, improved care, flexibility and safety. That’s what low-code in healthcare can provide! Are you ready for this digital transformation? We are ready to guide you! Together, we identify opportunities and implement the most effective solutions. Because we understand that every organization is unique. Get in touch with us!

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