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Data-driven work and decision making is done with low-code and AI

There is no denying it, digital transformation is driving today’s business world. And with that transformation comes an abundance of data your way. But how do you take full advantage of it? How to look for trends, risks or predictions in customer data, production data and financial data. This is exactly where data-driven decision-making helps you. By using low-code and AI, you can take advantage of opportunities you may currently be missing.

But what exactly does data-driven decision-making mean?

Data-driven decision making (also called data-driven decision making or DDDM) involves making decisions based on hard facts and figures. Imagine having the assurance that every strategic choice you make is underpinned by reliable data. Data such as customer demographics and purchase history or logistics data and production data.

What are the benefits?

By working and making decisions data-driven, you ensure a lot of benefits:

  • Thus, it makes your decisions more accurate and reliable;
  • You can see more quickly where bottlenecks are in your business processes and how to design them more efficiently;
  • It makes trends visible and helps you predict future developments;
  • And, perhaps most importantly, it provides deeper insight into your customer’s needs.

The result? A competitive advantage that your organization desperately needs in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. But remember, the power of data-driven decision-making hinges on the quality of your data. So make sure you have good data management!

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Low-code and AI promote data-driven work

So how do you get started with data-driven decision-making? This is where low-code and AI steal the show. AI can dig through all the data for you and create reports from it so you can make the right decisions.


AI can perform complex data analysis efficiently, reliably and quickly. Having to do this manually is enormously time-consuming and error-prone. These analyses identify patterns, trends and correlations in your data, which is indispensable for decision-making. AI even learns from historical data to predict future trends, helping to make proactive, data-driven decisions. It can automate decisions, personalize experiences and assess risk – all based on data analytics.


And low-code? That makes it possible to develop and deploy custom applications quickly, allowing AI to be deployed early within your organization.

Low-code platforms such as Mendix facilitate data-driven work and decision-making thus through fast and efficient application development. They are accessible to non-technical team members, which increases engagement. The flexibility of low-code enables customization based on specific organizational needs, while seamless integration with existing systems facilitates data collection and analysis. The scalability of low-code allows data-driven efforts to grow with the organization.

In short: the transition to a more data-driven organization is suddenly a lot closer thanks to low-code!

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What does your work look like with low-code, AI and data-driven decision-making?

With low-code tools, your team can use AI models for automated data collection, analysis and reporting. So manual reporting is a thing of the past, leaving you with time to spare and allowing you to form more accurate decisions based on accurate data.
Low-code tools can also be integrated with Business Intelligence tools for enhanced functionality. Such as predictive analytics and data visualization, which provides greater insight.

AI and low-code can also enable real-time data analysis, allowing you to react quickly to changing conditions.

Finally, AI can help integrate and analyze data from different sources, giving you a complete organizational picture and enabling more efficient, effective decision-making.

Data-driven work is the future

In the future, low-code and AI will only become more important in business. As AI technologies evolve, they offer even more opportunities for data-driven decision-making. And with low-code platforms, implementing these technologies becomes easier and faster. We can help you get started in the low-code landscape and can develop low-code applications for you with our App Factory. Contact us to discuss the possibilities!

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