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Digital transformation: the synergy between people and (low-code) technology

Digital transformation and low-code, these are terms you probably hear more and more often. While many organizations talk about the technological aspects of these changes, they often forget an important component: people. Or those who implement, use and experience these technologies. What does digital transformation mean in relation to both technology and people? Let’s dive deeper into this.

What is digital transformation?

In our ever-changing digital world, we often hear about “digital transformation,” particularly within the fields of IT and business development. However, this term still raises questions for many: what exactly does it mean?

Digital transformation is not just about the implementation and adoption of new low-code technologies. It goes beyond that. It includes taking a fresh look at business processes, changing organizational cultures and improving the customer experience.

For many SMEs and (semi-)government organizations, this is indispensable to hold their own in a technology-driven landscape. But the challenges are great. Sometimes this is because the interplay between humans and low-code technology is overlooked.

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Challenges of contemporary IT infrastructure

In recent years, we have seen an explosion of technological developments. Many companies have stacked software over software, trying to keep up, with legacy systems getting in the way of flexibility. These unwieldy systems limit agility. This is where low-code offers a way out. Low-code platforms promise more efficient development processes. But, can we rely entirely on technology?

People at the center

We all realize that technology can move us forward. But it is people who actually bring this change to life. This is not always without controversy.

Take, for example, an employee who has relied on a specific system for many years. This employee may hesitate to move to modern solutions, such as low-code, sometimes out of resistance, but mostly from a sense of unfamiliarity. This is where low-code shows its true power by promising ease of use, but adoption still requires a tactful human approach.

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Training and education: Everyone on board

Low-code, then, is designed for ease of use, but still requires a certain amount of understanding and training. It is therefore advisable to provide your teams with training led by a low-code expert. This professional can not only explain new applications, but also show how it can drive innovation. The result? Motivated teams ready to make the most of new technology!

The ongoing journey of digital transformation

The journey of digital transformation is continuous. Consider the rapid emergence and integration of AI into our daily tasks. It’s not so much about choosing the latest tool as it is about the company’s willingness to adapt and remain flexible. Organizations that move to low-code now are laying a foundation for a future in which they can easily adjust and respond to new developments.


Digital transformation is a fusion of technology and human ambition. As more and more organizations explore the world of low-code, it’s important to keep these two elements in balance. At ChangeMakers, we understand this balance and are here to guide organizations on their digital transformation journey. Check out our services or contact us!

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