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At the heart of deciding on the possible implementation of a low-code platform, such as Mendix, are ChangeMakers Ronald van Puijenbroek and Nuhi Stenvers. They are closely involved with a world leader in airport vehicle rental and maintenance (Ground Support Equipment) and took on the task of preparing a strategic document. This identifies the potential of such a platform for the organization: what problems could it solve, how would it affect operations (users & IT), and what might such a project look like?

The customer

The company specializes in operational and financial services to efficiently support airports. Think of all the vehicles and equipment you see at the airport other than the planes: from roll cages and baggage carts to cranes and tractors. With an impressive collection of 40,000 assets, they serve more than 5,000 flights daily for over 300 airlines.

Innovation and safety are core values for this company. But with rapid growth and differences in business processes worldwide, they are finding that they need more than just their current SAP system. The purpose of this project? Finding an IT solution that better suits their needs and thus being able to make an informed choice.

The challenges

Standardization of work processes

Our client, with operations all over the world, faces a complex challenge: making its work processes uniform. Each region has its own culture and way of working. Not to mention the various local regulations at the airports. All this adds up to a complex task of achieving a standardized approach.

SAP is beautiful but remains challenging

Implementing SAP as an ERP package to support all business processes is a complicated project. In certain areas, SAP lacks the necessary flexibility and functionality to fully meet their needs. When the system fails, teams often turn to alternatives such as Excel. However, these “temporary solutions” can lead to inconsistencies and errors. After all, a small problem, can become a big problem in the long run.

Our approach

Ronald and Nuhi of ChangeMakers got in touch with a former business associate of Ronald’s who now works at this client. Given their expertise and the growing importance of digital transformation, they saw an opportunity to move the company forward. After discussing their challenges, they decided to create a strategic document on using low-code platforms, such as Mendix. This paper not only highlights the benefits of these platforms, but also provides concrete examples of how they can increase operational efficiency. By making this insightful, it helps the customer make an informed decision about deploying low-code.


Link to our ESG policy

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This project clearly reflects the core values of our ESG policy. In this, innovation is central, a value that is also highly valued by our client. By innovating with low-code, we not only improve operational efficiency, but also contribute to a more sustainable future through agile (agile) and flexible technology solutions.

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