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Announcement: official partnership between ChangeMakers and Mendix

We are excited and proud to announce, ChangeMakers, our official partnership with Mendix. As business and IT accelerators, we always strive to provide the most advanced and effective solutions for our clients. Our designation as an official partner by Mendix is a wonderful reflection of this.

About Mendix

Mendix is known worldwide as the leading enterprise low-code application development platform. It allows organizations to turn a spreadsheet into an app, create an entire organization-wide application portfolio and even modernize entire core IT systems. What is unique about Mendix is the promotion of continuous collaboration between those who build the software and those who use it. This results in faster, more efficient and effective application development.

ChangeMakers’ Vision

At ChangeMakers, we believe true digital transformation comes from the perfect balance between business and IT. With Mendix by our side, we are now even better positioned to guide and accelerate organizations in their digital journey.

Nuhi Albert Stenvers, COO and founder of ChangeMakers, sums it up aptly:

“Software is taking over the world, so you have to be able to create your own software, or have it professionally created. Standard software is not enough. Realize your digital transformation by building low-code applications with us! Mendix is the ideal partner for us to realize this.”

Future Vision

As we look ahead, we are excited about the opportunities and innovations this collaboration brings. Together with Mendix, we are raising the bar even higher, setting new standards and transforming companies into agile digital powerhouses. Want to know more? Get in touch with us!

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