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Low-code and DevOps: keys to digital transformation

In an increasingly digital world, decision makers within large organizations and government agencies face an important choice. How do you modernize the IT landscape so that it is faster, simpler and ready for the future? Is there a strategy to improve both the speed and efficiency of IT processes? Discover how low-code and DevOps can completely transform your IT environment.

The IT challenge of large organizations and government

Over the years, large organizations and government agencies have piled technology on technology. The result? A jumble of older, often rigid (legacy) systems that stand in the way of rapid innovation. Every new IT initiative seems like a puzzle, balancing between the needs of today, and the limitations of yesterday’s technologies. How can we break this pattern and set a new, more flexible course?

DevOps: The quiet revolution in IT collaboration

But there is hope on the horizon, and it comes in the form of DevOps.

DevOps is a set of practices, principles and cultural philosophies that combines software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) with the goal of shortening the system development lifecycle and delivering features, fixes and updates in close alignment with business objectives.

DevOps fosters a collaborative culture between development and operations teams. It is, as it were, a new way of thinking about IT. This method facilitates a constant flow of software development and delivery. It also reduces delays and ensures realization power in an ever-changing market.

Imagine: no months of waiting for approvals or endless rounds of revisions. With DevOps, adjustments can be made quickly and efficiently, making your organization more agile and able to respond to changing market demands.

Low-code: The innovative leap in application development

Now we are adding low-code to the mix, an innovative approach that accelerates the way applications are developed and deployed. Low-code platforms such as Mendix enable teams to develop applications with a fraction of traditional code, dramatically increasing development speed. Imagine being able to implement a solution within days or weeks instead of months, all with a system that is easily adaptable to changing needs.

Low-code & DevOps: The ideal combination

Combining the speed and flexibility of low-code with the collaboration and continuous delivery of DevOps creates a powerful synergy. It’s like having a high-performance sports car (low-code) and now finally driving on an open highway where you can exploit its full potential (DevOps). Your IT teams can respond faster with this combination, shortening lengthy projects and increasing overall service quality.

Moreover, the seamless integration of these two approaches reduces errors, improving the quality of your service.

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The transformative impact on large organizations and government agencies

Large organizations and government agencies are often associated with slow decision-making and bureaucratic processes. But with a new approach to IT, you can break this perception. Agile decision-making, rapid deployments and proactive action are becoming the new norm through the combination of low-code and DevOps.

The future of IT

Low-code and DevOps provide the tools and methodologies you need as a large (government) organization to stay competitive and relevant. The fusion of these two approaches guarantees increased efficiency, agility and quality of service. Are you ready to take this leap into the future and realize the full potential of your IT landscape? ChangeMakers is ready for you. Contact us and find out how together we can make a difference in your organization.

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