low-code en toekomst IT-managers

Low-code and the future of IT management

As an IT manager, the thought of developing applications without having to learn complex code can be music to your ears. This provides greater agility, speed and capacity. This is the promise of low-code – a revolutionary technology that is changing not only the way software is developed, but also the future of IT management. What about that exactly? What does the future of IT management look like with the emerging low-code? We’ll tell you about that in this blog.

What challenges does an IT manager face?

As an IT manager, you run into a variety of challenges. Consider, for example, ensuring data security and privacy at a time when cyber threats are on the rise. Technology upgrades and implementations also require a lot of time and resources, in addition to often having to work with limited IT budgets.

Attracting, retaining and developing talented IT personnel is also a big job. On top of that, you need to establish business continuity and disaster recovery plans and ensure that IT strategies and activities are aligned with broader business goals. Not to mention, as an IT manager, you also need to keep up with the constant technological changes in the IT world.

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Low-code in IT management

So in a world where you are constantly being asked to innovate while also having to solve IT problems at the assembly line, low-code can be your new superpower. Low-code offers the opportunity to develop and accelerate competencies regardless of technical background.

Imagine your team’s ability to respond quickly to change, making your organization more agile. Best of all, it gives you as an IT manager the opportunity to create a way of working where continuous innovation is fostered and tasks are completed on time. This allows your team to focus more on strategic tasks instead of spending time on repetitive tasks.

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Preparing for the low-code future

As an IT manager, how can you prepare your team for this low-code future? The most important thing is to foster a culture of collaboration and experimentation. And it’s not just about learning low-code platforms, but recognizing that everyone can make a valuable contribution to digital projects.

In addition, invest in training and development. There are many online courses and certifications that can help your team get started with low-code. And as with any new skill, proficiency comes with practice.

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How can ChangeMakers help with this?

We at ChangeMakers are low-code experts and can support you in multiple ways. For example, we offer comprehensive low-code training and coaching through our Expert Class to certify current employees. But we can also provide recruitment and training of highly qualified Mendix professionals for your organization. Our experienced coaches stay involved after the training, so that the knowledge and skills gained are immediately and successfully applied in your low-code projects.


More than a trend, low-code is the future of IT management. It provides an opportunity to improve efficiency, foster innovation and create an inclusive technological culture. But as an IT manager, are you ready to harness the full potential of this technology? The future of IT management is here, let’s shape it together. Please contact us to discuss your options.

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