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Taking risks: do you dare to make a difference?

Are you ready to take risks and take your organization to the next level? Then come to our exclusive event on June 15, 2023 in Utrecht, where you will meet inspiring speakers and like-minded professionals. Discover how risk-taking can help your organization work faster and more efficiently using low-code IT solutions. Sign up now and experience an evening of inspiration, networking and delicious BBQ!

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Taking risks

Do your organizations dare to take risks? Our event is dedicated to this bold move! Discover how our business philosophy and low-code technology go hand in hand. Taking risks fosters innovation and growth, and low-code accelerates digital transformation and keeps you competitive.

Be inspired by speakers who have taken bold steps in their careers and discover how it has led to success. During the event, make valuable connections with like-minded professionals who – like you – are willing to take risks and explore innovative solutions.

Go home with fresh insights and ideas to take your organization to the next level!

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What can you expect on June 15, 2023?


17:30 – Walk-in
Reception with drinks and the opportunity to get acquainted with other participants in advance.

18:00 – Welcome and introductory program
ChangeMakers welcomes you and introduces the evening’s exciting program.

18:15 – First speaker: Olaf Buter
Be inspired by Olaf Buter, CEO of Adamas International and co-owner of Blue Building Institute. Olaf gives an incredibly engaging presentation on risk and innovation.

18:45 – First round of BBQ
Enjoy delicious dishes during the first round of our BBQ.

19:00 – Second speaker: Frans den Boer
Listen to Frans den Boer, founder and director of consulting firm Bisnez, who helps organizations successfully improve and change by embracing risk.

19:30 – Second round of BBQ
Indulge your taste buds with even more BBQ delights.

19:45 – Third speaker: Jeroen de Smet
Get ready for an engaging presentation by Jeroen de Smet, CRO at Entrafin!

20:15 – Afterglow
Talk about the evening, share insights and make valuable contacts during the convivial after-dinner drinks.

20:45 – Closing
We wrap up the evening and hope you go home inspired and motivated, ready to take risks

Meet our inspiring speakers

CEO, Adamas International

Olaf Buter

Olaf Buter is a pioneer who bet on sustainability in real estate 20 years ago, long before it became mainstream. His consulting and engineering firm is now the largest in Europe in sustainability certification such as BREEAM and Well. Olaf is now on the eve of a new challenge: European ESG legislation, a potential risk but also an opportunity.His experience in risky decisions around sustainability and automation makes him a speaker to look forward to.

Olaf Buter, speaker at the ChangeMaker event
Frans den Boer, speaker at the ChangeMaker event

Director, Bisnez

Frans den Boer

Frans den Boer is no stranger to the world of risk, both as an entrepreneur and in his spare time as a pilot. His experiences as a program and interim manager have given him a deep understanding of risk management. Frans likes to emphasize the human aspect in dealing with risk. His personal and realistic view of risk management makes his input both instructive and engaging to listen to.

Chief Risk Officer (CRO), Entrafin

Jeroen de Smet

A geophysicist with a doctorate in his pocket and CRO (Chief Risk Officer) at Entrafin B.V., Jeroen de Smet is well versed in technical aspects of risk management. His personal journey, which led him to Chile, among other places, to work for ING, is also a testament to his willingness to take personal risks. Jeroen is the right person to introduce us to the intriguing world of risk, and how to deal with it.

Jeroen de Smet, speaker at the ChangeMaker event
Creative Valley Papendrecht


Creative Valley Papendorp

The event will take place at Creative Valley Papendorp, located at Orteliuslaan 1-27, 3528 BA in Utrecht. This venue is easily accessible and provides a modern and comfortable setting for our event. Ample parking is available nearby, and the building is easily accessible by public transportation.

Be on time and plan your trip in advance:


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit on the number of participants?

Yes, a limited number of seats are available to ensure an optimal experience for all attendees. Sign up early to ensure a spot.

How can I communicate my dietary needs or allergies?

During the registration process, you can indicate your dietary needs and any allergies so we can take them into consideration.

Is there a dress code?

It is important to us that you feel comfortable during our event. Therefore, the dress code for this evening is “what you feel comfortable in. Whether you choose a business outfit, casual attire or something in between, we welcome you!

Will photographs and film recordings be made?

Yes, photos and videos will be taken during the event to capture the atmosphere. We would like to share our beautiful memories with our followers on LinkedIn, on the website and in future promotional materials.

When registering for the event, we assume that you agree that videos and photos will be taken.

Can I attend the event with a colleague?

Absolutely! Make sure your colleague signs up separately for the event.

Where can I go with questions or comments about the event?

Please contact us using the contact information on our website. We will answer your question or comment as soon as possible.

Is the venue wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Creative Valley Papendorp is wheelchair accessible. Please feel free to contact us if you need special provisions.

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