We are ChangeMakers

We accelerate IT.

We work smart and we work fast.
By deploying new ways of work and the latest technology at our disposal.

Accelerate your IT and become a ChangeMaker!

About us

We are ChangeMakers

A young IT-company with experienced people. Without an office. With a different way of rewarding people. And with only one rule – make our clients happy.
We are a company. But foremost a community of peers.
We believe that your organisation needs to extract more value out of its IT assets in today’s competitive environment. That’s why we help you accelerate existing IT-processes and leverage new ways of bringing IT production closer to your business.

Be a ChangeMaker with Us!

What We Do

We make Change

We help you deploy and combine smart new ways of working from the Agile-manifesto with innovative low-code IT-tools such as Outsystems, Salesforce, Bettyblocks and Dell Boomi in order to profoundly change your IT-landscape. To create business value where non existed.

With our experience in 10X faster software development we help you move your digital transformation quickly into areas where it’s needed. Are you ready for that?

Be a ChangeMaker with us!


We bring you our experience

With our two programs we offer services aimed at utilising low-code software platforms
in your organization. Our first program targets your existing IT-organisation, accelerating existing processes.
Our second program targets your business and brings IT-production closer to your “shop floor”.

Management Consulting, Project and Program Management

Preparing and enabling your organisation in embracing lowcode development
by helping you organise the necessary portfolio management, people
management and platform processes.

Low-Code Platform Expertise

Training and certification, project coaching and execution.

Integration Expertise

Integrating low-code applications into existing landscapes via the execution of integration patterns such as ESB, messaging and HIP.

Turnkey Project Execution Deployment of DevOps-teams

Aimed at quickly creating business value out of digital transformation

Be a ChangeMaker with us!


We believe…

… that our world is a speedy world. A flexible world. In which we have to embrace new technology to stay competitive. A world with ever changing values and norms. With new ways of work. An agile world. And in that world, the next revolution is taking shape…

We believe that the break-neck speed at which developments around AI, BigData,
IoT and 5G progress, creates a “perfect storm”, driving new technology into every
corner of society. With a revolutionary impact on every organisation. From the data-streams these new technologies will create, information needs to be
distilled and action needs to be defined and triggered. In order to create impact in
your business process.


We help you make the necessary Change

Luckily new technologies exist that enable you to embrace these new dynamics. That enables you to guide information from your fielded assets into your back-office systems. Pushing information to your salesforce to help them generate dynamic quotes to secure your business through customer portals. In which clients self-
service by booking orders directly into your systems. So you can focus on creating even more value.

These new tools are critical in seamlessly unlocking new data-streams.

Because we are able to develop and integrate applications such as portals and dashboards 10x as effective as with traditional development environments, we view them as critical, next-level enablers of creating 100%-fit software supporting the business processes through which your organisation embraces the dynamics of the new world.

Our Service Programs

Accelerate IT

Scale your IT by making more and better applications with fewer people

This program helps your IT-organisation to embrace rapid application development with low-code platforms by re-organising the application production process.

Agile working for IT and introduction of DevOps

Short cycles, software before designs, MVP-thinking, integrated management

Selecting, training and coaching developers, designers and management

Executing the project portfolio

Platform selection

Leverage IT

Scale up your innovation and transformation by closing the IT-business gap

This program helps your business organisation to embrace citizen development with low-code platforms by introducing a citizen development process.

Agile working for business and introduction of BizDevOps

Short cycles, software before designs, MVP-thinking, integrated management

Selecting, training and coaching citizen developers and management

Executing the project portfolio

Platform selection

Be a ChangeMaker!

Nuhi is a senior manager and strategic advisor in the intersection of business and IT, specialised in introducing low-code platforms in organisations.

He is energised by creating structure and by bringing new initiatives to fruition. Nuhi acts forcefully and finds creative solutions and improvements.

His way of work is aimed at results and connection and puts people in the spotlight. In his free time he likes to study, ride motorbikes and travel.

Martin is an experienced entrepreneur, a seasoned manager and strategic advisor in the intersection of business and IT.

He is energised by building and restructuring organisations and by accelerating their development in an Agile way. Martin is decisive, builds strong teams and enables people’s strengths in order to realise their full potential.

His free time spends Martin with his family and with motorsports.

We’re Hiring!

Let’s work together and Make Change!

We’re always looking to hire talented folks to join our ever-growing team of changers, makers & support staff.

Let the Change begin!


If you are interested in what ChangeMakers can offer, want to work with us, or are looking to get more information about the services we provide, feel free to reach out and talk to us directly.